Having serviced hundreds of home loan applications amounting to $5 billion since its inception in August 2015, HashChing has been instrumental in creating an on-demand mortgage marketplace for home buyers in Australia.
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In March 2016, the Roy Morgan Consumer Banking Satisfaction Report revealed that the satisfaction level of the customers of the big 4 banks in Australia declined to 80% from 80.6% in February 2016.

It also pointed that the satisfaction level of the home loan customers of the big 4 banks remained below 80% in the 6 months to March 2016.… Read More>>


When you are buying an investment property, it is only natural to look in
your neighbourhood for suitable real estate to buy. However, looking beyond your suburb and even your state can help you save significantly.

Restricting yourself to an area means letting go of opportunities in upcoming property markets across Australia.… Read More>>


It is possible to refinance your existing home loan to purchase an investment property even before paying off your existing mortgage. In fact, many youngsters across the country are planning to invest in properties before buying their own home. Building a property portfolio can… Read More>>


Would you love to pay off your home loan sooner, but you’re not sure how? Do home loan rules and regulations confuse you?

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There are several reasons that may have prompted you to sell your home. Of course, there is much you can do to ensure your home doesn’t stay on the market for long but selling a home is not just a financial decision. Apart from crunching the numbers, there will be butterflies… Read More>>


To rent or buy a house is an ongoing debate with no clear winner. But what if you own a house and don’t have the time to maintain it? Maybe it is too far from work or you are always on the move…

Does that mean you should not buy a house?

Building a property portfolio is one of the surest ways to create wealth for yourself. But nothing in the rule book says you must buy your own home… Read More>>


It is estimated that 25% of the Australian population would be retiring by 2055. The baby boomers, who are fast approaching retirement, comprise a population that bloomed in the post war era surplus and were more given to enjoying their lives than, well, plan for retirement.… Read More>>


Planning to sell your house? Let us tell you that it involves much more than contacting an agent and simply putting your house up on the market. While most seasoned and first home buyers understand the amount of research it takes to zero-in on a property, little do first time… Read More>>


Buying a home is a top priority for most Australian couples. However, the soaring property prices in the past few years are making it more and more difficult for young couples to break into the property market, special thanks
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