Building your wealth in bricks and mortar? Considering the current market, a capital idea, indeed! Investing in property is a popular strategy for wealth creation but not without pitfalls. If not planned wisely, the cost of owning an investment property can quickly override the profits.… Read More>>


There is nothing more frustrating than finding your dream property and being denied the mortgage on it. Of course, taking a loan pre-approval gets you covered to an extent – it lets you know how much the lenders are willing to lend to you so that you keep your property hunt within the budget. But, does having a loan pre-approval guarantee would you definitely receive the financing once you set your heart on a property ?… Read More>>


In case your property has been repossessed, getting another mortgage is difficult; but contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible.

With your property repossessed in the past, you are not doomed to rent forever and can still subscribe for a home loan, maybe at a slightly… Read More>>


Contractual employment is common in Australia, with over 9% of the population employed in contractual roles as revealed in a study by Australian Bureau of Statistics last year. But what do banks think of borrowers in a contractual position applying for a home loan?… Read More>>


Don’t let old age play spoil sport to your property acquisition dreams – there
is no age to fulfill your dreams and it is possible to secure a home loan even if you are on pension (including disability pension). So if you are on old age pension (or nearing pension age) and think it is the time… Read More>>

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