As housing affordability becomes a growing cause of concern, individual home buyers are finding it harder to step into the property market despite low-interest rates on home loans, thanks to increased prices and high home loan deposits.

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Do you know that swanky plastic card is eating into your future home loan? Yes, little do proud owners of luxury credit cards (or any credit card, for that matter) realise how credit cards can derail their future loan application or reduce their borrowing capacity drastically.… Read More>>


How much can I borrow to buy a house, is a question most of us will ask ourselves at some point in life.

As home loan rates in Australia swoop to a record low, this could be an ideal time to invest in your dream property. However, do you really know how much you can borrow to fund your purchase?… Read More>>


It is a lengthy process from finding your favourite property to finalizing it to arranging the right home loan for it…  and it all culminates on the settlement day when you finally get the keys to your brand new house.

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HashChing is in the news lately and it’s for good reasons. Since our inception a year ago, we’ve saved over 4,650 borrowers a lot of time, hassle and money.
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Non-Conforming Borrowers

With the constantly tightening lending criterion in Australia, at least one in four borrowers looking for home loan find themselves in a spot due to not falling in line with the credit guidelines for traditional lenders. Lenders, today, only want to lend to borrowers with squeaky-clean credit histories,… Read More>>


In Australia, owning a property is a coveted dream we all grow up with. And why not, considering the increasing property prices and the financial and emotional security that comes with owning your own abode, buying property is definitely a favourite hobby for Australians, and with good reason, too.… Read More>>


Do you take home a reasonably fat pay cheque every month? Have you been
making all your monthly payments and debt repayments on time, always? Are you reasonably proud of your money management skills?

Well, that’s great! But that does not mean you will surely get approval for your home loan, thanks to the high debt-to-income ratio you may be servicing, unknowingly.… Read More>>


Anyone who has any experience in the mortgage market would agree it might take up to several weeks to get a home loan. Then, how does one service an immediate need for cash when buying a new property and the existing one is yet not sold? While a traditional mortgage may be the clichéd choice,… Read More>>


Many investors buying an investment property find themselves muddled with all the investment property jargon flying around in the market. As first time investors may find it all too little confusing, here’s a handy guide decoding the 10 most common investment property loan terms any investor will come across:… Read More>>

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