According to data published by ABS, in the year 2015-16, Australians spent
a whooping $7.7 billion on home renovations.

Indeed, whether you are renovating for profit or simply renovating your home to make it more comfortable for yourself, the process requires ample… Read More>>


Ashley, an architect, is 24 years old and stays with her parents in Melbourne. Unlike many of her peers, instead of splurging her wages on movies, coffee and travel, Ashley is on her way to purchasing her first property with just a little help from her parents. My parents are keen investors and encouraged… Read More>>


Whether you are renting or buying, moving your house involves a lot of hard work and planning. In the process, with so much to juggle, it may happen that you forget to notify some important people about your change of address. While amends can be made later with family and friends, there are some people… Read More>>


As much as you love Fido, when it comes to selling your house, many potential buyers can be turned off with pet odour or even signs of your pet such as dog or cat fur, making it harder to sell your house. Even home buyers who are dog lovers may be turned off or over scrutinising as most buyers consider pets to be synonymous with property damage such as scratched walls and carpet stains. So how can pet owners command the best price for their property while ensuring Fido isn’t bothered as well?… Read More>>


According to data released by ABS, the mean price of Australian dwellings was $631,000 in September 2016. This means, on average, you need to save $126,000 for a 20% deposit to purchase your own home. Of course, there
are lenders who will lend with only a 10% deposit backed… Read More>>


There are many reasons for selling a house – downsizing, relocating, financial obligations and much more. Whatever may be the reason, sellers want two things out a property sale – a good price and a quick sale.

A real estate agent can help you achieve both these aims by utilising their knowledge of the neighbourhood, advertising your property… Read More>>


You have found the perfect property and are all set to buy your first home. The house is great, your family loves it, the neighbourhood is perfect and it is priced just right.

Great. But have you taken into account the hidden costs of buying a property that can potentially add thousands to your price tag?… Read More>>


Hiring the right buyer’s agent can save a lot of time and money when you are out there to buy a property.

A buyer’s agent is essentially the reverse of a seller’s agent and works on behalf of a buyer. An experienced buyer’s agent can show you… Read More>>


Every home buyer eagerly awaits their settlement date, when the ownership of the house finally passes on to the buyer after paying the remaining contract price. However, between the signing of the contracts and passing of the possession, the settlement period, which usually lasts… Read More>>

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