Can shopping for a home loan affect my mortgage application

Home buyers are often advised to get quotes from multiple lenders before choosing a home loan that is right for them. Indeed, shopping around for a home loan is the easiest way to find a bargain. However, did you know that applying to several lenders at once can bring down your credit score, and can… Read More>>

How to refinance your home loan

Do you know the interest rate you are paying on your home loan? If you haven’t reviewed your home loan in the past couple of years, you could be losing a lot of money while your peers beef up their savings by refinancing to one of the lower interest rate deals available in the market.… Read More>>

Is it the right time to purchase your first home?

Well, it seems the answer to that is a big Yes (provided you get your finances right – read more for tips on how to get a home loan). First home buyer activity has significantly increased across Australia over the past few months, thanks to the measures taken by the Federal and state governments to… Read More>>

The most common auction strategies

Bidding at auction can be quite an experience. Many property investors feel stressed or intimidated. Before they arrive at auction, some of them are prepared: they can have a home loan pre-approval (this puts them in a better position to bid, as they already know their limit). Some others might have already visited auctions, just… Read More>>

Mortgage comparison site, save money today

Over a third of Australians are not aware of the interest rate on their home loan, losing precious money to ignorance. Why? Because when you don’t know what you are paying, you have no idea how much money you can potentially save! Refinancers who know the rates being offering to fresh home loan customers find… Read More>>

How to find a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is an expert who sieves through hundreds of loans from a plethora of lenders to find the best-fit loans for his or her clients, at the most competitive rates. Especially for first time home buyers and investors, having an expert on their side could spell the difference between having an asset or… Read More>>

LinkedInFacebook" alt="6 ways to lose money on property investing

Property investment is generally about long-term wealth creation. Your goal as an investor is to make money, but sometimes even experienced investors wind up losing on their properties. So many things can go wrong in property investment. It can keep you awake at night: what if I bought the wrong property? How can I be sure about my tenant? What if my property does… Read More>>

Take control of your mortgage

With the RBA maintaining a low cash rate of 1.5 percent, there continues to be strong demand for home loans across the country. In November 2017, the value of home loans approved rose by 2.3 percent to $33.5 billion. Strong first home buyer activity was recorded in most states, with first home buyers accounting for… Read More>>

What to consider before buying a home

Buying a home involves significant financial planning. However, apart from how you finance the property, choosing the right location for your home is an important factor that will determine the quality of your life in your new home as well as your future finances. For example, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a studio… Read More>>

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