It is common for most property buyers to take Principal and Interest loans
(PI) for financing their home, but you may be surprised to know that 2 out of every 3 investment loans and 1 out of every 4 owner occupier home loan in
Australia are Interest Only (IO) loan!… Read More>>


Buying a property is not just a major financial decision, but one with several emotional implications as well. Unsurprisingly so, with most Australians banking on property as a major source of wealth creation as well as to fund their retirement, apart from living in it daily! … Read More>>


Renovations are trendy and can render your investment much more profitable. However, home renovations can be tricky – unless you plan them right. Renovating your house isn’t always cheap and with a home loan to repay, it
may not seem like a great idea to spend some more on home improvement.… Read More>>


There was a time when banks happily lent 100% of the property amount to borrowers. However, those days are gone. Today, most lenders expect borrowers to provide 20% deposit upfront to be applicable for a home loan. And thanks to this, many Australians who can service their home loan… Read More>>


Planning to build your own home from scratch? The mortgage market is flooded with different kinds of home loans and in case you plan to build your own home, a traditional home loan may not be the best option for you. Many lenders offer special land and construction loans that are tailor… Read More>>


“I feel it in my fingers…I feel it in my toes…”  Yes, spring has arrived awakening everyone from their slumber with the tingling warmth and joy of the season of blooms. Spreading sunshine across the country, spring also happens to be a… Read More>>


Buying a property remains number one on the bucket list for most Australians. And with the RBA cutting down the interest rate and many lenders choosing to pass on the full benefit to home buyers, there has been no better time to finance your home loan.… Read More>>

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