While several new home decoration trends get popular and fizzle out each year, trends on the construction side evolve slowly and tend to stay with us longer. If you are planning to build your own home from scratch or looking for some serious renovations, here are three construction trends that will not only add value to your place but also help you save on your energy bills as well!


1. Solar Rooftops

14.6% of the electricity in Australia in 2015 was produced through renewable sources.

Residential rooftop photovoltaics are being increasingly installed on buildings in line with the move towards clean and renewable energy. Improvements in technology have led to reduced cost of rooftop PVs making it a viable eco-friendly option for electricity generation. Several States have feed-in tariff systems in place to encourage households to feed the surplus electricity generated into the grid and get paid for it.

In fact, with Tesla (after its merger with SolarCity) claiming Tesla solar roofs to be a cheaper option than normal roofs in the future, the energy efficient solution may be better than using terracotta or concrete to line your roof, especially a few years down the line. Tesla dreams to have every newly constructed roof in Australia lined with its solar tiles. In dollar terms, the cost of installing solar roof tiles may be higher than installing larger solar panels but figures out to be more cost-effective than installing a non-solar roof and then installing solar panels on it.

Overall, with electricity being an expensive commodity in the country, investing in solar panels or solar tiles can drastically reduce your electricity bills.


2. Energy Efficient Windows

Do you know that up to 40% of a home’s heating can be lost through windows and more than 80% of the heat is also gained through windows?

Having energy-efficient windows will not only make your home comfortable but also reduce your energy bills significantly.

Apart from glazing, incorporating passive solar design principles during construction is an inexpensive way to make your windows energy efficient.

Using smart glass in windows is another great option that uses light or electricity to change the glass from opaque to translucent reducing the load on the building’s HVAC system.


3. Smart Lighting

More and more people are switching to LED lighting that is more economical in the long run. While LED lights cost more than other lighting solutions at the outset, you can reduce your power usage by 80% by simply switching to LED lighting making it an ideal choice for everyone.

LED lights have a lifespan ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 hours, which means each globe will last you over a decade before you need to change it. It is also possible to install tune able white light panels that can be controlled with a remote to adjust the light from bright white to a warm glow to suit your mood. Available in all sizes you may require for your home, LED lighting is the way forward to save on power bills, running costs as well as replacement costs.

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By Vidhu Bajaj


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