Buying a home is one of life’s biggest decisions, which is why finding the right home loan suited to your own personal situation, requirements and budget is crucial.
An experienced mortgage broker can save you time and money, and simplify the loan application process.
Where a bank is limited to offering only their own products, a mortgage broker is able to shop around for you, having access to a huge selection of banks and lenders.

6 reasons to engage a mortgage broker

Here are 6 Reasons to engage a mortgage broker:

  • Mortgage brokers can find you the right home loan deal…
    … suited to your needs from over 30 different lenders.
  • Mortgage brokers can teach you how to buy.
    Great brokers have years of experience and can guide you through the home buying process.
  • Mortgage brokers can organise a conveyancer or solicitor.
    Brokers will have conveyancers/solicitors they trust on speed dial, saving you time and the hassle of choosing one from the web.
  • Mortgage brokers can speed up your application
    A mortgage broker understands the different policies and requirements for each lender.  Avoid false starts when it comes to financing by working closely with a mortgage broker.
  • Mortgage brokers can organise a building inspector.
    Conducting a building inspection and knowing the condition of a property will help you avoid extra costs down the track and may even advise you not to buy.
  • Mortgage brokers can organise a pest inspector
    Before purchasing a building, a pest inspector should come and evaluate the property. Nobody wants their brand-new dream home to be filled with termites!


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