Becoming a homeowner is almost everybody’s dream, however buying a property can turn into a money pit if you don’t know what to watch out for. When buying a home, many people tend to focus on how much they love or hate the interior. They don’t always pay attention to other details such as what the building looks like or if the neighbourhood is noisy.

Here is a short list of things you need to check before buying a home:

7 thinks to check before buying a home

  • Research the local area – 1/3 of first-home buyers wish they had looked around more before they purchased their property and over 20% regret the area in which they bought.
  • “Why is the property on the market?” – Get to know more about the history of this property.
  • Get your finance sorted – … before attending auctions or goingon real estate websites.
  • Visit the property at different times – … and check out the neighbourhood: take the kids to the park, to to the coffee shop…
  • Get legal advice – Get a conveyancer or solicitor to review the contract.
  • Strata report and pest inspection – Not all properties are built to the same quality. The builder can find issues that owners and tenants may not know exist (failing waterprofing, leaks in the roof…)
  • Check for environmental hazards – Flood zone, land subsidence area or bushfire zone. They can impact insurances as well as values



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