According to data released by ABS, the mean price of Australian dwellings was $631,000 in September 2016. This means, on average, you need to save $126,000 for a 20% deposit to purchase your own home. Of course, there
are lenders who will lend with only a 10% deposit backed… Read More>>


There are many reasons for selling a house – downsizing, relocating, financial obligations and much more. Whatever may be the reason, sellers want two things out a property sale – a good price and a quick sale.

A real estate agent can help you achieve both these aims by utilising their knowledge of the neighbourhood, advertising your property… Read More>>


You have found the perfect property and are all set to buy your first home. The house is great, your family loves it, the neighbourhood is perfect and it is priced just right.

Great. But have you taken into account the hidden costs of buying a property that can potentially add thousands to your price tag?… Read More>>


Hiring the right buyer’s agent can save a lot of time and money when you are out there to buy a property.

A buyer’s agent is essentially the reverse of a seller’s agent and works on behalf of a buyer. An experienced buyer’s agent can show you… Read More>>


Every home buyer eagerly awaits their settlement date, when the ownership of the house finally passes on to the buyer after paying the remaining contract price. However, between the signing of the contracts and passing of the possession, the settlement period, which usually lasts… Read More>>


The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set personal goals that you’d like to achieve in the course of the year. Wisdom dictates it is never too late to start and with the fourth month of the New Year drawing to a close, it certainly isn’t late to set financial goals… Read More>>


Buying your first home is a dream come true. However, in a market where demand overshadows supply, it is possible to settle for less or choose a home that’s not the ‘right one’ for you, simply out of exhaustion or frustration. While it is a stated rule that the decision to buy a property must find its bearings… Read More>>


A reverse mortgage uses your home’s equity as security for a home loan. As opposed to a conventional home loan, where the borrower makes repayments over an agreed term, the interest on a reverse mortgage is due at maturity of the loan. Popular with retirees, rather than taking out a home loan,… Read More>>


In March 2016, the Roy Morgan Consumer Banking Satisfaction Report revealed that the satisfaction level of the customers of the big 4 banks in Australia declined to 80% from 80.6% in February 2016.

It also pointed that the satisfaction level of the home loan customers of the big 4 banks remained below 80% in the 6 months to March 2016.… Read More>>


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