Recently, Rest Industry Super published a white paper “The Journey Begins” that revealed that little less than half of the older workers in Australia are expected to retire with debt. Of those surveyed, 25% said they would retire with some amount of credit card debt, 20% expect to retire with ongoing mortgage payments, and another 12% expects to have unpaid bills at retirement.

The research also highlighted that a large number of older workers are not only providing financial assistance to their parents but also funding their kids’ education and helping with their home loan deposit.… Read More>>


According to the recent data released by CoreLogic on 18 May 2017, “The number of auctions scheduled to take place across the combined capital cities is set to rise this week, with 2,619 currently being tracked by CoreLogic, up from 2,409 auctions last week, and higher than the 1,920 auctions held over the same week last year.”

In March, clearance rates across capitals rose to 80.8%, the highest level since mid-March 2015. Data suggests that demand is high in the housing market with the clearance rates picking up despite an increasing number of listings.… Read More>>


As the increase in rental yield in Australia fails to keep up with the increase in property prices, several investors have turned to greener pastures outside their backyard bringing overseas property investing in fashion. Indeed, investing in property overseas is a lucrative option for seasoned… Read More>>


Jessica and Abby have been married for four years and were recently blessed with a baby. Since their dating days, the couple had decided that Jessica would be a stay-at-home mum once they planned a family. However, making the transition to a single-income household when… Read More>>


Described as a budget for “fairness” by Treasurer Morrison, Tuesday night’s budget brought some relief to first home buyers and a lot of tears to
Australia’s largest five banks that now face a new tax, stronger regulatory bodies and fines up to $200 million for breaching the new rules of… Read More>>


Over the last few years, only a handful of industries have remained untouched by technological disruption, real estate being one of them. Since forever,
sellers have been relying on real estate agents to get their properties off the market in the least amount of time at the best … Read More>>


While several new home decoration trends get popular and fizzle out each year, trends on the construction side evolve slowly and tend to stay with us longer. If you are planning to build your own home from scratch or looking for some serious renovations, here are three construction trends… Read More>>


Property prices in Australia have been constantly increasing in the past few years, helping most property owners build some equity in their property without doing anything. However, no one can predict which way the market would swing and it is always prudent to actively … Read More>>


According to data published by ABS, in the year 2015-16, Australians spent
a whooping $7.7 billion on home renovations.

Indeed, whether you are renovating for profit or simply renovating your home to make it more comfortable for yourself, the process requires ample… Read More>>

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