The 7 Moments Of Your Life When You Need A Mortgage Broker By Your Side

Taking out a mortgage is one of the largest financial commitments many of us will make in our lives. Navigating the mortgage highway can be a daunting experience, particularly if it is your first home, you are refinancing an existing loan or you are in the process of selling one home and buying another.  … Read More>>

Glossary of important financial terms

According to a survey by mortgage lender ME Bank, the majority of first home buyers in Australia do not understand what conveyancing is, aren’t sure what mortgage insurance covers, and are quite ignorant of the auction process. Yet, 70 percent of first homeowners reported that they felt confident making financial decisions, which is quite surprising… Read More>>

Prospective Tenant Red Flags

One of the biggest fear of a landlord is to end up with a terrible tenant. No landlord wants to have problems with their tenants, but no landlord wants to end up paying the tab when the tenant doesn’t pay their rent! Low income? Currently unemployed? Inconsistent Work History? By keeping an eye out for… Read More>>

Should you renovate or rebuild your home from scratch?

Do you feel your house would be just perfect if you could construct an extra room or redo the washroom or make some tiny upgrades to the kitchen?     Or, do the problems run deeper than that? Is there a backyard that collects water in the rain or the home is located on a… Read More>>

Top reasons to review your home loan now

With the next move in home loan interest rates expected to be upward, it is time to revisit your home loan rate and review your options. Should you fix your interest rate? Should you refinance? Are you on the best possible deal in the market? And, most importantly, is your mortgage product still right for… Read More>>

The growing significance of the Bank of Mum and Dad

The bank of Mum and Dad is Australia’s tenth largest lender currently. According to research by Digital Finance Analytics, 55 percent of first-time buyers receive financial assistance from their parents. The average amount lent by parents was reported to be a whopping $89,000!     There is no denying that more and more first-time buyers… Read More>>

How to compete against all-cash property buyers

Ever had a cash buyer swooping away with a property you really liked while you jumped through the hoops, getting your mortgage in place?     Well, truth be told, property buyers making a cash offer on a house are often favoured by sellers. However, that does not mean solid buyers like you don’t stand… Read More>>

Should you wait to save up a deposit or pay LMI?

At a time when an average income couple takes up to 5 years to save for a deposit to purchase a home in any of Australia’s capital cities, paying LMI could be an alternative to waiting to save up a deposit, especially in markets where property prices continue to soar.     Yes, Lenders Mortgage… Read More>>


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