renting out or selling your property

Whatever the reason, it’s important to decide what you’re going to do with the property you won’t be living in. What are the advantages and downsides of renting out your house Vs selling it?… Read More>>

first home - should you buy an apartment or house?

A sprawling property in a suburban locale has been the preferred choice of most Australians since many years. However, more and more youngsters, active retirees and working couples are choosing the functionality of urbane apartments nearer to the city over the homeliness and comfort of a villa.… Read More>>

Negatively geared for a positive outcome

Many people also consider property investment to be lucrative due to the ability to offset the cost of owning the property against other taxable income. In fact, if numbers are to be believed, most investors claiming tax deductions fall below the $80,000 income bracket.… Read More>>

top home builders in Australia

The housing industry in Australia is on a roll. The total number of new dwellings in Australia in 2015-16 touched a new high, recording a 6 per cent increase from last year with over 230,000 dwellings commenced during that period. The total revenue from new dwellings this year increased to $17,777 million from $16,669 million in 2014-15.… Read More>>

Save more with the right mortgage broker

Here are some key points before you decide on a broker: prepare your list of requirements and share them with the broker, take your information in writing (the loan features, interest rate, term of the loan and any kind of fee that needs to be paid…), …… Read More>>


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