Property barons are not created overnight. A successful property portfolio is the result of meticulous planning, research and an ongoing review of your financial circumstances. Indeed, building your property portfolio from scratch may seem like a daunting task.… Read More>>


Now that you have lodged your home loan application, it is time to hit the
sales and pick up the best furniture on show or is it?
The road from home loan pre-approval to approval is a precarious one and borrowers are advised to maintain the status quo in order to avoid rejection.… Read More>>


More and more people in Australia are opting to invest in property, mainly encouraged by the low interest rates and the instability of the global financial market.
According to ABS figures, investor loans touched a record high of $11.1 billion during April 2015.… Read More>>


HashChing is helping Australians by providing access to pre-negotiated home loan deals. Obligation free consultation with one of our partner brokers might save you time, hassle and money.

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