Simplifying tax returns for investment property owners

Recently bought an investment property and befuddled with your tax return? HashChing made the tax returns easy for investment property owners. Read more….… Read More>>

do you need home and contents insurance?

Home insurance is something that many consumers rely on to protect their assets in the event of a natural disaster, burglary, or fire. But it’s an additional monthly expense that might lead some homeowners to wonder whether they really need one, or if they can just hope for the best. Here is what you need to know about home and contents insurance.… Read More>>

Non resident loans simplified

Banks in Australia offer non-resident loans at competitive rates aimed at migrants, temporary residents and foreign investors. While the application process differs from a usual home loan and may seem confusing, HashChing gives you a run down of the complex rules in simple terms.… Read More>>

no deposit home loans

In case your heart is set on buying a home but you don’t have enough savings for a deposit, don’t be disheartened as there are various low-deposit and no deposit home loans in the market that you could avail. Read more about your options.… Read More>>

Property investment

Compared with other types of investments, property investment involves a relatively favorable risk/reward profile. Here are the most important factors to consider when investing in real estate.… Read More>>

how to fix your home loan rate

With RBA cutting down the cash rates to 2% in June, the home loan rates in Australia are at an all-time low. Have you ever considered fixing your interest rate? Whn should you do it? Read more about the pros and cons.… Read More>>

Rental properties in Sydney

While you may be scouting for a unit to rent in Sydney, take a look at the changing rental trends before you choose your abode.
Tenants in Sydney seem to be having a tough time. Domain’s Quarterly Rent Report signals that rent rates in Sydney are increasing at the fastest.… Read More>>

tips for a smart property investment

Rentvesting is a growing trend in Australia. Many young couples are choosing to rent in convenient locations while cashing in on the investment wave, riding high on low mortgage rates and first home buyers grant for new constructions. Looking for investing in property? Check your borrowing capacity online for free.… Read More>>

fund your home renovation

Many people renovate to update their homes and increase property values. Maybe some fancy new fittings, an extension, an open kitchen or new paint on the walls. Many homeowners are also taking up home renovation to cash in on the rising property wave. Small changes can fetch big money. There are several ways you can pay for home renovations. Here is one of them…… Read More>>

add value to your property with bathroom renovation

What is one of the quickest and most effective ways to add value to your home? With housing prices increasing, a lot of Australian homeowners have found a way to increase the value of their property by renovating. Bathroom renovations are on the rise. Renovating can make a property more valuable and can be a more cost… Read More>>


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