Do you find yourself living from ‘payday to payday’ or find it hard to keep a track of your financial goals? Don’t worry if you are one of the many adults struggling with their finances, trying to juggle mortgage repayments, education loans and the cost of basic utilities. Even if you are a conscientious spender, having a budget in place can help you better control your finances.

Choosing an easy budgeting tool

Sticking to a budget can help you achieve your financial goals effectively. While it may not necessarily be fun to maintain a monthly budget, an easy to use budget-planning template can make this necessary habit much simpler.


If you use Microsoft Excel, you don’t need to look any further. There are several budget templates available in excel that can be downloaded to your system according to your specific requirement. Whether you are single or planning finances as a couple or looking to create a monthly or a yearly budget, there are several intuitive templates available for free. Choose one and get started now.

Monthly Budget Calculator- A good start

For beginners, a simple Monthly Budget Calculator is a good start. This powerful template contains several categories and you may add or remove the categories you don’t need. To begin using the template, enter all your income and expenses for each month in the ‘Monthly Income and Expenses Table’ and see the ‘Budget Summary Table’ update automatically.

One of the most useful templates for households is this handy Family Budget Planner that can help you note down your monthly expenditure under an exhaustive list of categories. The planner also helps you calculate the difference between actual and projected monthly costs to gain better insights on your spending pattern and save more.

If you are looking to evaluate your expenses over a longer duration, a Basic Personal Budget template can help you estimate your expenses over the duration of a full year in few simple steps.

Budget Planner- Choose what you need

As a beginner, it is in your interest that you choose a simple straightforward budget planner to record your expenses – fixed as well as variable. Fixed expenses refer to debt repayments and utility payments that usually stay the same from month to month while variable expenses refer to your general household spend.

Simply recording your income and expenditure and having a fixed savings goal can help you plan a monthly budget focused on achieving your savings goal.

Wondering what you can do with your savings? You could save up for a deposit and buy your first property, potentially under $400,000, in one of these suburbs. You could also make additional repayments on your home loan to own your home faster.

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By Vidhu Bajaj



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