When Dinesh wanted to buy his first home, he did what anyone might do: he went to the bank to ask about his options. After they couldn’t answer his questions, Dinesh went online to look for help. That’s where he found HashChing.

Dinesh Success Story - Customer speak: HashChing made my first-home buying experience hassle-free

“I initially had a 10% deposit. That’s when I started looking at homes, and with that, started looking for a home loan.” Dinesh Nagaraju had been with his bank for a long time when he first approached them for guidance on what to do when he was ready to buy his first home. As one of the major lenders, the bank advertises itself as being able to ‘help you get the most out of your home loan’.

But after speaking with the bank, Dinesh was left unsatisfied. “That’s when I went online.” He found HashChing through Facebook one morning. “The HashChing website was pretty straightforward and simple. I just put in my details and then in no time my broker gave me a call.” Dinesh and his broker started moving forward with the process that very evening.

“The broker was great. He came down to my place and we met up in person. He was very friendly; he came to my house to get my documents signed, get everything all sorted. I didn’t have to run around or go to a bank or do anything – everything was taken care of by him.”

That set the standard for the rest of the application process. Whenever Dinesh needed help or advice, such as with documents or identity verification, or when the house he liked looked like it might go up for auction but then turned out to be ready for a private deal, his broker was right there to offer his experience. He gave Dinesh all the options he needed to figure out exactly what he was looking for and what he wanted.

“Once I had approvals, I had to search for a property that was right for me to live in. That was a little longer than I expected – I had to shop around a little.” But once Dinesh found the right property, he made an offer and got accepted. Everything from there was simple.

“Month-on-month, I’ve saved about $300-$400,” Dinesh explained, compared to what he’d been expecting to budget for living in his first home. “It’s a big help especially once you have spent all your savings on buying something big!”

For those who are considering trying HashChing for the first time, why choose a HashChing broker? “Once I got in touch with the broker, I didn’t have to worry about anything. All I had to focus on was finding a property to buy. Everything else was taken care of for me. Why choose HashChing? You don’t have to worry about anything.”



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