Over the years, real estate has been the safest place to park your money – offering unmatched appreciation and mental security in the form of a tangible asset. But that does not mean every investment property is a gold mine. Thus, it makes sense to have a team of professionals on your side, who can help you make informed decisions regarding your investments, especially if you are first-time investor.

The dream team every investor must have on board

Of course, you can always take the DIY route and use these online tools to crunch the numbers, but having the following professionals on your team could spell the difference between a positively geared investment property and a dud on your hands:

A buyer’s agent – A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who knows his or her local area well and can advise you objectively about your purchase in the area. Of course, you can do your research and visit open houses and auctions to pick the perfect property, but a buyer’s agent can save you time by pointing you in the right direction, thanks to their experience and access to market information.

Buyer’s agents are experts who know which properties are up for sale, the real worth of these properties and how to negotiate with the seller to get the best possible rate.

On the flip side, if you don’t choose the right professional, it could hamper your success as an investor. Here’s a list of a few straightforward, time-tested questions to ask a buyer’s agent before commissioning one.

A legal advisor/ conveyancer – Once you have found the ideal property at the right price, and have your finances in place, you are all set to own your first investment property as soon as you sign the dotted line on the transfer deed. Quite simple, isn’t it?

But are you sure everything in the deed is correctly drafted? Have you checked if the title to the property is clear?

A solicitor or licenced conveyancer will check the transfer deed clause by clause and make sure it is legally compliant. If, by any chance, there is a slip in the documentation, you don’t stand to lose anything as your solicitor holds professional indemnity insurance that has you covered in case of any negligence.

You are not required by law to use a solicitor while purchasing a home, but isn’t it a small price to pay to ensure correct paperwork for one of your life’s biggest purchases?

A mortgage broker – A mortgage broker is a home loan expert who is also your money-making ally! An astute financial professional, a mortgage broker assesses your financial situation properly to guide you to the right home loan product for your requirement. Besides, a broker would tell you honestly how much home you can afford to buy and whether your finances are in order to purchase a home currently.

In addition to boosting your savings by getting you competitive interest rates and attractive features on your home loan, your mortgage broker would lodge the paperwork on your behalf in a timely manner, ensuring the loan is disbursed in time. He or she will also apply for any applicable state grants if you are a first home buyer (Know more about FHOG).

There’s no doubt that a mortgage broker can facilitate your home loan quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in the process. You can click here for tips on how to find a mortgage broker.

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By Vidhu Bajaj,
HashChing Content Writer



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