A great home does not stay in top shape forever without proper maintenance.
Renovating should always be a part of your home improvement checklist every 10 years, to prevent further damage in the future and avoid accumulating costs.
Here is how to check if a home’s condition is terminal…

Five warning signs to watch for when Renovating


You should not be concerned by a few small cracks here and there, but you might have cause for concern when cracks turn out to be more than 5 millimetres wide. Big cracks usually mean major structural issues. Tread with caution.

Ugly kitchen/bathroom

No worries: on trend designs from 25 years ago may be ugly but kitchens and bathrooms can be prettied up or replaced relatively easily.

Dark rooms

You can open up dark rooms by knocking down a wall or two, creating a modern, open-plan living space. Skylights and windows can be used to bring in additional light too.


Be wary of homes with damp walls and musty smells. Evidence of crystallising salts in the walls is a warning sign that moisture could be penetrating the building.

Noise: traffic, neighbours, in-house

You can try to block the noise with barriers, sound absorbent materials and appropriate home design.  
If the noise comes from your neighbours, or inside your own home:

  • You can provide extra sound insulation for noisy rooms such as laundries. Use acoustic mounts or pads for clothes washers and dryers.

  • Use built-in robes as sound buffers between bedrooms.

  • Reduce sound reflection transmission through gaps with draught sealing strips.


For those with enough equity built up in their existing home loan, paying for renovations can be as simple as refinancing their existing home loan.


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