Over a third of Australians are not aware of the interest rate on their home loan, losing precious money to ignorance.

Why? Because when you don’t know what you are paying, you have no idea how much money you can potentially save! Refinancers who know the rates being offering to fresh home loan customers find themselves in a better position to negotiate a lower rate on their mortgage (Read how Mr. Shah is saving big money each month).

Mortgage comparison site, save money today

It is the same for home buyers who are looking for fresh home loan deals. Armed with knowledge about the most competitive rates on offer, you are better positioned to find yourself a low-interest rate home loan deal with all the features you need to save more money in the future.

In short, comparing home loan deals in the market is the quickest way to save thousands of dollars on your mortgage. Yes, it is as simple as finding a comparison site on Google to start saving money on your dream home.

But, what if we tell you some comparison sites can save you more money than the others?

Most mortgage comparison sites list lender advertised rates that users can compare to find one that suits their requirements best. However, some mortgage brokers have access to even lower rates, as much as one percent lesser than lender advertised rates, that you can never find on ordinary mortgage comparison sites. HashChing is the only dedicated mortgage comparison site in Australia that allows users to compare hundreds of broker pre-negotiated deals, enabling them to choose the best-discounted deals.

Here’s why HashChing is Australia’s top mortgage comparison site:

A dedicated mortgage marketplace – Most comparison sites allow users to compare a variety of financial products, ranging from credit cards to savings accounts to home loans and much more. However, HashChing cuts the clutter by creating a dedicated mortgage marketplace where you get everything ‘home loan’ related and nothing else. Now no wasting time on information you do not need!

Lower rates – HashChing does not display lender advertised rates. On the contrary, we display broker negotiated rates that you generally won’t see anywhere else – because these rates are negotiated by mortgage brokers directly with the lenders. At HashChing, we have a network of expert mortgage brokers, with over three years of experience and a minimum 4-star rating, who are privy to exclusive discounted rates from lenders. In short, when you compare home loans on HashChing, you would find the rates to be quite competitive, as you are comparing best rates negotiated by the best mortgage brokers in Australia. (You can browse our broker database here).

On demand services – Now that you know HashChing only features broker-negotiated rates as compared to lender advertised rates displayed on other websites, you would be glad to know more about our transparent, on-demand services, a concept unheard of in the mortgage industry.

At HashChing, we believe in 100% transparency. We display all the associated costs of a home loan upfront, with the rate, so that you can quickly crunch the numbers to pick a home loan that suits you.

Once you choose a broker-negotiated deal on the platform, you get to see the broker profile, complete with a photograph and user ratings. An automatic meeting is scheduled between you and the broker, and you can expect a call from the broker, within 24 hours of uploading the requisite documents online. Besides, HashChing brokers are required to provide at least three different deals to each user, giving the power of choice to borrowers.

Confidence, choice and convenience

HashChing is much more than a mortgage comparison website. We offer competitive home loan deals to the users but also give them the option to seek advice from verified mortgage brokers on the portal in a transparent manner. The company effectively plugs a large gap in the market – by providing real-time reviews and complete profiles of mortgage brokers to users who are apprehensive of contacting a broker directly. Besides, it also features a number of online calculators and an informative blog, helping Australians make informed choices regarding their home loans.

HashChing kills the long waiting periods to connect to a broker, creating Australia’s first online mortgage marketplace with pre-negotiated deals from several brokers on a single platform, on demand.

Don’t wait – Start your home buying journey on the right note by comparing home loan deals here.


By Vidhu Bajaj,
HashChing Content Writer



HashChing is helping Australians by providing access to the pre-negotiated home loan deals. Obligation free consultation with one of our partner brokers might save you time, hassle and money.

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