Whether you are planning to buy a house or are repaying the 25 year loan you took 5 years back, chances are you can score up a much better deal to finance or refinance your house, if you compare deals online. You can also save thousands by periodically checking and calculating some magic numbers as you progress on the road to own your dream house.

Home Loan Calculator

Let’s start at the beginning, where it all begins. (Types of home loan calculators)


The cornerstone of buying a house, save save save. We all know the importance of the big D – the 20% deposit that could save you thousands on LMI and make your loan application process much simpler.

So how does one start to save? Quite simply, use this easy Budget calculator to understand your spending pattern. Fill in your monthly incomings and outgoings, to know exactly how much you could save or need to save. Can’t get simpler, isn’t it?

It can! Here’s another tool to help you with your financial planning. Calculate the approximate amount you must save for purchasing home sweet home, enter the value in the Savings Goal calculator and quickly know how much you should save each month to meet your target!

How much can I borrow?

You have decided to bite off the property pie, but do you really know how much you can borrow? Well, it is as simple as clicking here. All you need to do is input your existing income and expenditure to know how much you can borrow.

To simplify your financing journey further, here’s a Comparison calculator that tells you exactly how much a loan would cost you annually, taking into account all the fee, interest and charges. So don’t be fooled by the cheapest rates, calculate the exact cost of the loan to make the right choice.


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What can I afford to borrow?

Now that you know how much you can borrow, it is important to know how much you could afford to borrow! Check out the Home Loan Repayment calculator to conveniently work out your weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayments. Use this tool to compare how much a loan would cost you (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) by putting in the loan amount, interest rate and the term.

In fact, if you already have a home loan that is more than three years old, this could be the time to take advantage of the low mortgage rates and refinance your loan for better rates, if you still haven’t. The Repayment calculator is the most convenient place to check how much you’d save by simply switching your loan.

Since we are committed to help you save money at HashChing, we have created handy calculators to help you pay off your loan sooner. Check the Extra Repayments calculator to see how planned additional repayments can magically erase years from your debt. That’s not all. As you already know the importance of channelising your annual bonus or your yearly savings towards paying off your home loan, now you could use the Lump Sum calculator to know exactly how much interest and time you can save by making lump sum payments.

Stamp Duty

Saving up for a deposit is not enough. We always advice our readers to save atleast 5% extra to take care of the accessory costs. To get a fair idea of how much extra you need to save, type in the value of the property in the Stamp Duty calculator to know the Stamp duty, Mortgage Registration Fees and Transfer Fees in your state or territory.

Fixed or Variable?

Now that you have almost decided how much you need to borrow, are you confused whether to fix your loan or not? We understand your dilemma and offer you a Split Loan calculator that will work out your estimated repayment and interest amounts, in case you plan to split your loan in fixed and variable periods.

Reverse Mortgage

So you already own a home and have decided to use the equity in your home to invest further, meet other financial requirements or secure your golden days like many seniors are opting to. Taking a reverse mortgage to use the equity in your home is a popular financial tool to cash in on the increasing property prices. Here’s a Reverse Mortgage calculator to find out how much you’d have to repay taking into account the current value of your home, the amount you require and the expected property escalation rate.

Buying a house can be a confusing process. Get quick resolutions to all your queries by contacting the experts at HashChing, for free without any unwanted calls!

By Vidhu Bajaj


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