What is Landscape Gardening?

A tidy, clean and styled front or backyard is essential if you’re planning to sell your home or if you want to give your home a fresh new look. Buyers who walk through your home don’t want to see all of the hard work they need to do after they buy the home, so a modern professionally styled and curated home landscape can add value to your home, as well as make it look more like an inviting and modern home to buyers.


Don’t be fooled by thinking the entire process simply involves mowing your yard and cleaning up hedges. The process covers countless aspects and goes beyond just simple changes. Professional landscaping is one of the most overlooked but essential tasks before selling a home and it is one of the only ways you can truly create a harmonious, peaceful flow from your outdoor spaces into your home.


It’ll boost your home’s value

When you’re selling your home or just think it needs to have its front and backyard restyled, then professional landscaping is your best and most effective option. Good landscaping makes a significant difference to the appeal of your home, especially for buyers.

An increase in value is also common following a custom and unique landscaping project, something sellers should note. Buyers who notice fresh landscaping and see that there is little work to be done on the outdoor portion of the home, are far more likely to agree to a higher price – or even bid higher at auction.


What happens during landscape gardening?

The main tasks undertaken during professional landscaping are exactly what you’d expect to make your garden and outdoor areas look clean and ready for sale. It will cover things like raking, planting new plants, digging new garden beds, replacing old ones and laying down new turf to make your outdoor areas like nice, clean and new.

If you have a tired looking garden bed with dead plants or plants that aren’t exactly suited to the style of your home or neighbourhood then these will be replaced, as will all areas of your garden that detract from your home.

The landscaping process is also more than just a garden tidy up. It takes thorough planning and an outline to create an exterior space that harmonises with your home and showcases its best assets and doesn’t hide them behind a large hedge or tree.

Landscaping can also extend from just plants and greenery though. Landscapers will cover things in the ‘hard-scaping’ scope too, and that means new pavers for driveways, decking, small footpaths and other items to make your outdoor areas simply more unique and better looking to add value to the home.


Fee and Expense Breakdown

As the first step to any landscape gardening project is the planning stage, you’ll need to speak with a professional landscaper about the cost of your project. The initial landscaping plans are rather comprehensive and will cover almost every possible item that can be used to rejuvenate your front and backyard. A few workflows will need to be undertaken by a landscaper and their teams prior to anything happening at your home, which are outlined below.

A professionally drafted landscaping plan will outline everything that needs to be changed about your yard, and the best way to do it. These drawings and plans can cost anywhere from $500 to $950.

A comprehensive 3D model and renderings are also an option for homeowners who want a more in-depth plan, as well as those who want to have a glance at what’s planned for the landscaping. These plans are more complex, but allow for the landscaping to be more precise and meticulous, perfect for larger projects. These typically cost $3,000 through to around $7,000 depending on the firm.

New plants are retaining walls are typically upwards of $3,000
Garden lighting and new turf usually cost $2,500
Replacing and adding new trees costs around $3,500
New homes which require turf and all new plants are looking at over $6,000

Once you’ve had your custom planned developed to suit your home, you’ll be able to begin the landscaping process. This includes things like adding new plants, changing the layout of the plants and greenery in your garden and more. You’ll typically need to budget for $55 – $75 an hour for the landscaping process.

Another service you should factor in, at least for the duration of time you’re trying to sell your home, is garden maintenance services. There’s no one better to keep your new landscaping pristine than a professional garden maintenance worker. These services are usually $40 to $60 per hour

In total it would be best to plan for your landscaping to cost roughly 3% – 5% of your home.

Location-based Costs
In Australia, the price of landscaping will vary greatly depending on where in the country you live. Capital cities are typically more costly, but the returns are far greater.

In Sydney and Melbourne, the average hourly cost of a landscaper is $49/hr and the total price of the entire project will typically exceed $4,000 for homes that need minor changes, and up to $50,000 for newer homes without any existing gardens or turf, or homes that need a lot of work.

In Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide landscaping costs are slightly lower at $45/hr and the total cost of projects normally caps at $35,000 to $40,000.


The Results and Capital Gain

The first results you’ll notice will be a harmoniously created outdoor space that complements your home and transforms the front and backyard into a clean and tidy space that looks inviting and safe, as well as sustainable with the local weather.

Those looking to sell their home will be glad to know that landscaping will typically add around 7% in value to your home, so for a common $800,000 home, you’re looking at a massive gain of almost $60,000. This is mainly down to the added benefits seen in your home by buyers. If a buyer feels that the outdoor space is inviting and ‘perfect’ then there’s little to do on the outside of the home, and they’re more likely to purchase the home without having second thoughts on the state of the landscaping.

If you’re looking to sell your home or improve its appearance, then professional landscaping is sure to add extra value and create a more inviting vibe for your buyers and your family.



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