With the first home buyer friendly provisions announced in the federal budget and the First Home Owner Grants and concessions offered by several Australian states, there seems no better time than now for the first home buyers to jump into the foray and become proud owners of their coveted dream. However, as a newbie property… Read More>>


Recently, banks have been getting stricter with their lending criteria, with a 20 per cent deposit being the golden standard. However, some lenders may let you borrow with just a 10% deposit and Loan Mortgage Insurance, but there is also a requirement of 5% genuine savings over a span of minimum three months that borrowers… Read More>>

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Buying a house remains a coveted dream for many people in Australia. But are you ready to buy your first home? With many low-interest home loans available in the market, the announcement of several schemes in the federal budget to improve housing affordability, and the First Home Owner Grant administered by different States in Australia,… Read More>>


According to the Perceptions of Housing Affordability Report, 2017 released by CoreLogic recently, 87% of Australian non-property owners are concerned if they would be able to afford their first or next home. The same report also reveals that 62% of the people believe that housing affordability is worse than it was a year ago and… Read More>>


Buying your first home is a dream come true. However, in a market where demand overshadows supply, it is possible to settle for less or choose a home that’s not the ‘right one’ for you, simply out of exhaustion or frustration. While it is a stated rule that the decision to buy a property must find its bearings… Read More>>


Buying a home is a top priority for most Australian couples. However, the soaring property prices in the past few years are making it more and more difficult for young couples to break into the property market, special thanks
to the 20% home loan deposit mark. Of course, low deposit… Read More>>


Buying a home can cost you an arm and a leg, in terms of money as well as time. Yet, it remains a revered investment and personal goal. Owning a home not only has financial implications, it has emotions attached to it as well. But very often, in the excitement of owning your own abode, it is possible to go overboard and turn house poor instead of being cash rich. Buying property is a decision that must be backed by thorough research … Read More>>


All set to purchase your dream home? Keep an eye out for these common pitfalls…

Many first home-buyers in Australia have been saving up for years to pay up the deposit on their first home, yet, the sky-rocketing property prices keep them from reaching the elusive 20% home loan deposit target.… Read More>>


Latest research by Westpac reveals that four in five Australians who are potential home buyers prioritise staying within budget as an important consideration.

Buyers are definitely giving up on luxuries when it comes to saving for their home!… Read More>>

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