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What is Home Staging? Home staging is practically essential for anyone who is planning on selling their home or for those who haven’t been able to. As the property market has exploded into the competitive and cutthroat industry it is today, you need to leave a flawless impression on your potential buyers and help them… Read More>>

hashching_How_much_does_a_conveyancer_cost - selling your house

What does a conveyancer do for you? Essentially a conveyancer is a person who will assist with the transfer of ownership of your home from you to the new buyer, and as this is a legal process it’s required that the conveyancer is certified. You’ll want to make sure that all processes are thoroughly covered… Read More>>


Excerpts from this article first appeared on on MARCH 10, 2017, and written by Owen Roberts   Homeowners in the west are paying nearly double Sydney’s average interest rate, with those in The Ponds, Doonside, Quakers Hill and Campbelltown paying as much as 7.88 per cent.     HashChing reveals Australia’s most ‘ripped off’… Read More>>

calculate rental yield

Investing in real estate is a popular wealth creation strategy. And, if you ever thought of going down that road, chances are, you have come across the term yield. Rental yield is considered an important indicator of a property’s performance – but many investors are not aware of the difference between gross and net rental… Read More>>

perth home loan

A professional package home loan, originally introduced by the banks to reward low-risk high-profit customers such as doctors, accountants and lawyers, is now available to most people who meet the borrowing criteria and are capable of servicing their debt according to the bank.… Read More>>

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It’s that time of the year again – the time to pull out all your receipts, make frantic calls to your accountant and wonder what constitutes a deductible expense and what does not! The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and it is hardly a surprise if you are scrambling to maximise your… Read More>>


As the increase in rental yield in Australia fails to keep up with the increase in property prices, several investors have turned to greener pastures outside their backyard bringing overseas property investing in fashion. Indeed, investing in property overseas is a lucrative option for seasoned… Read More>>


Over the last few years, only a handful of industries have remained untouched by technological disruption, real estate being one of them. Since forever,
sellers have been relying on real estate agents to get their properties off the market in the least amount of time at the best … Read More>>


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