Buying a home requires meticulous planning and research. From saving an adequate deposit to choosing the right home loan, every step requires careful consideration. Most often, borrowers find themselves confused between fixed and variable rate home loans. Fixed vs. variable is an age-old debate with the winner only depending on your individual situation.  With news… Read More>>

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Should you scrounge and save, living a bare minimum lifestyle, to save up a deposit and chase the Great Australian Dream of owning a property? Or, would you rather afford the luxury you can today, renting where you like, living as you desire, and not care about owning a piece of land? Renting for life… Read More>>


The RBA continues to maintain the official cash rate at 1.5 per cent since August 2016 despite out of turn rate hikes by the Big 4 banks this year. However, a recent statement by RBA Governor Philip Lowe affirms the worst fears of homeowners and prospective home buyers in the country – Interest rates are… Read More>>

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