Apart from introducing a slew of measures to help first home buyers step into the property market (read here), budget 2017-18 also suggested some changes in the deductions allowed for residential investment properties. Those with interstate investments can no longer claim for interstate travel for property inspections and management. However, the fee paid to a… Read More>>


Most people aim to invest their hard earned dollars in property; not only because property prices have constantly been on the rise but also because a property is a tangible asset that you can see and touch, which makes it a safer investment for mental peace. However, investing in property for the sake of investing… Read More>>


Investing in real estate continues to remain one of the most popular wealth creation strategies in Australia. However, not every investor buys to hold, revelling in the comfort of owning an extensive property portfolio. Of course, holding an investment property for long offers the benefits of rental yield and better capital growth, but many investors… Read More>>


The US News & World Report named Sydney as the second-best holiday spot in the world, thanks to the laidback beach lifestyle and other landmark attractions in the city. Sydney receives millions of visitors each year who flock to the popular tourist spots in the city, driving up the unit prices in these areas and making… Read More>>

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Very often, home buyers are misled by low interest rates advertised by lenders and end up with home loans that lack the essential features they may require in line with their financial situation. As a home buyer, you need to scratch beneath the surface to understand the real deal to ensure that you are getting the best home loan for your situation. … Read More>>

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The 2017 Federal Budget Announcement laid down several measures to improve housing affordability, as well as helping first buyers get a foothold in the property market with the First Home Super Saver scheme. But that’s not all; things are changing for property investors as well.     No deduction for travel expenses Starting first of… Read More>>


According to the recent data released by CoreLogic on 18 May 2017, “The number of auctions scheduled to take place across the combined capital cities is set to rise this week, with 2,619 currently being tracked by CoreLogic, up from 2,409 auctions last week, and higher than the 1,920 auctions held over the same week last year.”

In March, clearance rates across capitals rose to 80.8%, the highest level since mid-March 2015. Data suggests that demand is high in the housing market with the clearance rates picking up despite an increasing number of listings.… Read More>>


In March 2016, the Roy Morgan Consumer Banking Satisfaction Report revealed that the satisfaction level of the customers of the big 4 banks in Australia declined to 80% from 80.6% in February 2016.

It also pointed that the satisfaction level of the home loan customers of the big 4 banks remained below 80% in the 6 months to March 2016.… Read More>>


To rent or buy a house is an ongoing debate with no clear winner. But what if you own a house and don’t have the time to maintain it? Maybe it is too far from work or you are always on the move…

Does that mean you should not buy a house?

Building a property portfolio is one of the surest ways to create wealth for yourself. But nothing in the rule book says you must buy your own home… Read More>>


It is estimated that 25% of the Australian population would be retiring by 2055. The baby boomers, who are fast approaching retirement, comprise a population that bloomed in the post war era surplus and were more given to enjoying their lives than, well, plan for retirement.… Read More>>

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