The most common auction strategies

Bidding at auction can be quite an experience. Many property investors feel stressed or intimidated. Before they arrive at auction, some of them are prepared: they can have a home loan pre-approval (this puts them in a better position to bid, as they already know their limit). Some others might have already visited auctions, just… Read More>>

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Property investment is generally about long-term wealth creation. Your goal as an investor is to make money, but sometimes even experienced investors wind up losing on their properties. So many things can go wrong in property investment. It can keep you awake at night: what if I bought the wrong property? How can I be sure about my tenant? What if my property does… Read More>>

Mortgage Property investors

Building a property portfolio is a dream harboured by many. But how do you go about financing it? Save, slog and budget – that’s the natural advice anyone would give you. But what if we told you that the most successful property portfolios are built on others’ money! Well, we are not talking about parental… Read More>>

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