Using your home loan for debt consolidation

Life can hand out surprises to anyone, and you could find yourself struggling to pay off your debts for reasons beyond your control, such as an illness, a bitter divorce or a loss of job. If you find yourself under a mountain of debt – be it a credit card loan or a personal loan… Read More>>

property value and successful refinancement

There could be many reasons for refinancing your mortgage. Whether it is to secure a lower interest rate on your home loan or unlock the equity in your home to purchase another home or renovate – the value of your property will greatly affect the success of your move. Why? Because lenders decide on lending… Read More>>

woman thinking when refinancing home loan

As a home owner, you are always advised to review your home loan to ensure it remains competitive periodically. Especially with low interest rate mortgage options available in the market, it is tempting to refinance and save your hard-earned money from filling the coffers of your lender. But, is it always a good idea to… Read More>>

Refinancing rental property: what you should know

With low interest rates on offer by several lenders, refinancing is a popular option to save money on your mortgage. More and more owner occupiers are realising the futility of sticking with their bank unless it is the most profitable deal they can muster. But how are things looking up for investors? According to data,… Read More>>


If you find that your family has overgrown your house or feel inspired by the latest home décor trends to shift to an open floor plan, renovating your home could be a great option, especially if you cannot afford to buy a new property but look forward to upgrading your existing home. In fact, strategic… Read More>>

Businessman working on his desk with a cup of coffee at office.

The 2017 Federal Budget Announcement laid down several measures to improve housing affordability, as well as helping first buyers get a foothold in the property market with the First Home Super Saver scheme. But that’s not all; things are changing for property investors as well.     No deduction for travel expenses Starting first of… Read More>>


Recent data released by HashChing revealed the most ripped off Australian suburbs where borrowers are paying interest rates as high as 7% or more on their home loans.

With the national average current home loan rate around 4%, is it time to revisit your home loan? … Read More>>


In case you are stuck with the same home loan since the past 3 years or more, it is time to look around and maybe even move on! As interest rates on home loans soar to a new low, it is time to scan the market and check for a better deal.… Read More>>

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