Business Growth Tips for 2018

Once you’ve gone through the motions of setting up and establishing your business, the next step is to try and grow your business and it is this stage that can be the most difficult to implement. Growing your business means maximising your profits without compromising your vision or the integrity of the company and it… Read More>>

Getting a Home Loan as a Business Owner

Getting a mortgage can be a huge step for anyone, but for business owners it can be significantly more challenging. Typical wage earners go through a simple process to secure a mortgage. Lenders usually look at payslips, banks statements and tax returns to establish an individual’s financial position, but for business owners the process can… Read More>>


It’s great to be your own boss, isn’t it? Working at your own pace, calling the shots and creating something of your own is quite an exhilarating journey for sure. Yes, there are challenges, and if you are a self-employed individual or a small business owner, you’d agree that securing a home loan is only… Read More>>


Jessica and Abby have been married for four years and were recently blessed with a baby. Since their dating days, the couple had decided that Jessica would be a stay-at-home mum once they planned a family. However, making the transition to a single-income household when… Read More>>


Contractual employment is common in Australia, with over 9% of the population employed in contractual roles as revealed in a study by Australian Bureau of Statistics last year. But what do banks think of borrowers in a contractual position applying for a home loan?… Read More>>


Self employed individuals have always found themselves pushed against a wall while looking for a home loan, courtesy limited options, high interest rates and few lenders willing to consider their loan application.
However, with the mortgage market turning more competitive… Read More>>


Two incomes are always better than one, especially when it comes to paying
off your home loan. But nowhere is it written that mortgage providers only lend to households with double income. When out in the mortgage market for a home loan, lenders judge you on a single criterion… Read More>>


Are you planning to construct your own house or thinking of redoing the lawn and exteriors yourself? Building your own house lets you stay in control and can save you some dollars as well. Taking charge of your own construction or renovation can be a satisfying journey if you know what you are getting into.… Read More>>


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