Singapore city, most expensive cities

Sky-rocketing property prices and rising household debt has made many ponder whether Australia could still be termed the lucky country? Well, as expensive as it might be to live in Australia’s most popular capitals – Sydney and Melbourne – would you be surprised to know none of the Australian capitals rank in the top ten… Read More>>

Growing a Family - Mortgage

Expanding a family is a momentous decision for couples – not just emotionally but also financially. Yes, the decision to bring a new life into the world is an expensive one, as the cost of raising a child has kept pace with the rising prices of housing and necessities in Australia. The only thing not… Read More>>


Excerpts from this article first appeared on on MARCH 10, 2017, and written by Owen Roberts   Homeowners in the west are paying nearly double Sydney’s average interest rate, with those in The Ponds, Doonside, Quakers Hill and Campbelltown paying as much as 7.88 per cent.     HashChing reveals Australia’s most ‘ripped off’… Read More>>

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