The great Australian dream has undergone a sea change. Yes, owning a home remains a foremost priority, but reports that it is no longer about the “quarter-acre of land with a flower garden and Hills hoist.”

Financing your Dream Home, Hickinbotham Group

Today, the houses look much different from what they probably did a decade ago. Fuelled by rising prices and the urge to get the maximum out of what is available, one finds bigger houses on smaller plots of land – leading to the era of high-density housing. Trading backyards for extra rooms and an elegant sit-out, many home owners also seem to be content with less greenery around their house.

However, it is also true that one glove does not fit all when it comes to purchasing your dream home. Many buyers choose to have their houses custom built, or opt for knockdown rebuild, to create a home that is efficient, environment-friendly and tailored to their lifestyle.

Building your dream home in Australia

While it remains open for discussion whether it is better to buy or build a home, it could save you a pretty penny to build your own home, says research, with “newly built houses costing an average of $361,096 and established houses $419,400.

There are several other advantages of building your home, such as:

Design – You could always have a house built to match your lifestyle rather than adjusting to one built as per someone else’s taste or requirement. You could choose to be environment friendly and build a green home from scratch as it is easier to incorporate energy efficient lighting systems, solar panels, etc. in a new house. (Did you know you could opt for a green home loan if you plan to build an energy efficient home? Learn more here.)

Savings – While it could be less expensive to renovate a house than build a new one, you can save a lot of money on maintenance costs if you opt to build a house, as the cost of repairs for new fittings and equipment would be almost negligible in the initial few years.

Stamp Duty – When you build your home from scratch, you are required to pay stamp duty only on the land. Besides, several States offer stamp duty concessions for builders of first homes. Check your State website to know more.

First Home Owner Grants – You are eligible for grants up to $20,000 in Queensland and Regional Victoria if you are building your first home. Other States also offer substantial grants to first home builders. Check your eligibility here or contact a mortgage broker to know more.

Indeed, building your house offers several advantages, including the power of choice and lesser costs. However, the advantage is lost if you find yourself stuck with an unreliable builder or tradesmen, who could delay your construction unnecessarily. If you have decided to build your house from scratch, it is important to partner with an experienced and reliable builder, such as the Hickinbotham Group of South Australia, to ensure the process is smooth, time-bound and beneficial.

In this series, we will not only share information to help you choose a builder for your home but will also introduce you to some of the top home builders in Australia who have maintained their leadership position in the sector, over the years, through high-quality construction and an increasing number of happy and satisfied customers.

Know your builder – Hickinbotham Group

Hickinbotham Group is South Australia’s largest housing construction company, responsible for building nearly one in three homes in the greater Adelaide area. It has built more than 35,000 homes, housed over 100,000 people and developed more than 50 community estates in over 65 years of its existence.

One of Australia’s top builders, Hickinbotham Group, was founded in the year 1954, when the late Alan David and his father, Alan Robb Hickinbotham, bought a block of land in Linden Park in the year to build a house to cater to the post-war demands. This first Hickinbotham home in Sturdee Street, Linden Park, still stands today and is in immaculate condition.

It is this concern for the society and environment, that gives Hickinbotham a distinction over other builders. Moved by the need to improve building methods to protect the environment and preserve natural resources, the group has introduced several innovations to their community estates. They were the first developers to put telephone and power lines underground and have restrictive covenants on the felling of trees at their Athelstone estate in the 1960s that was the first development ever to win a Civic Trust award. The concept of storing run-off stormwater in the aquifer for later re-use was pioneered by Hickinbotham in partnership with the CSIRO, being put into practice at the company’s Andrews Farm estate. This project set a precedent for the rest of Australia and from it the national standards were developed.

Another Hickinbotham water project was the Renmark Water Reclamation Plant, a state-of-the-art facility to purify and filter Renmark’s wastewater so that it can be re-used for irrigation rather than polluting the River Murray.

Get the Hickinbotham Advantage

The environment-conscious builder is also known for the ace construction quality, offering a 25-year structural guarantee on each home that it builds.
Being South Australian, the group has extensive knowledge of local building conditions, as well as finance, design, land, soil types, and other building considerations, offering a range of more than 300 designs to home buyers in Australia.

Points of Difference

Hickinbotham Group prides itself on building the best designs for their clients at the best possible price. Thanks to their size, repute and years of being in the industry, the group commands very good prices on construction supplies, passing on the benefit to the customers by keeping the prices affordable. Ensuring that their clients do not have to compromise on any front, the group offers more than 300 future-friendly designs to fit the modern Australian lifestyle and environment.

Rated 9/10 by most customers, the company offers 18-week build time on many homes.

“From the foundations up, every home reflects the skill, craftsmanship and experience of the best in the industry.”

Read about the Hickinbotham Points of Difference here.

Australia’s top home builder

HIA Colorband Steel Housing 100 Report for 2017 reveals that the building industry in Australia continues to be on a roll, with the top 100 builders in Australia increasing their starts by 8.5% as compared to the previous year.

The report also indicates that the revenue earned from home construction by the Housing 100 rose by 22 percent to $22.61 billion in 2016/17. Interestingly, while the number of new dwellings commenced in Australia declined by 6.9 percent in the year 2016/17, indicating a shrinking market, the number of housing starts by the largest 100 builders in Australia increased by 8.5 percent during the period. You would also notice that 17 new builders, mainly from NSW and Queensland appeared on the list for the first time, while BGC, one of Australia’s top builders, disappeared from the list.

This year, Metricon topped the list once again with 4,367 starts and Dyldam Developments started 3,605 dwellings in the period in Sydney to grab the second spot. ABN Group in Western Australia captured the third place with 3,343 starts. Meriton Apartments slipped to the fifth position this year, with 2,955 starts as compared to 3,793 in 2015-16.

South Australia’s Hickinbotham Group numbers 16th on the list, slipping two positions from its 14th rank last year. The group started 1,291 dwellings this year as compared to 1,170 dwellings last year.

The report also recognised Hickinbotham as South Australia’s largest builder for the eleventh consecutive year. Rivergum, Longridge Group, Dechillis and Rossdale, followed the company to the top 5 spots, respectively. HIA reported that despite the 8 percent fall in the new home starts, the market share of the largest fifteen builders in South Australia increased from 35 percent to 39 percent in 2016/17.

“We are a proud South Australian company that has been helping people with the biggest financial investment they will probably ever make and have been responsible for creating beautifully designed communities that are attractive places to live, work and build a future,” said Mr Hickinbotham.

Adding to its spurt of wins is the recent mandate by the South Australian Government to construct a $215 million, 700 home development in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. The project will generate nearly 1200 full time jobs over eight years (average of nearly 150 full time jobs per annum), and more than 700 homes on a 42-hectare site of which six hectares will be open space.

Building affordable, aesthetic and green living spaces

The Hickinbotham website lists several reasons why building could be a better solution in the long run. This includes the freedom of choice in terms of design and location, use of latest technology in construction, more savings and an unmatched 25-year structural guarantee offered by the group. Read here to know why you should build your first home with Hickinbotham Group.

The Group also offers knockdown rebuilds to create modern homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. The team liaises with the Council on your behalf, doing all the ground work, apart from using top brains in South Australia to design and build your house, within 18-weeks in many cases. Read more here.

Financing your dream home

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