Fallen in love with a property that does not exactly fit the bill? When it comes to real estate, it is mind over heart, always.

Home-buyers visit several houses these days before deciding on one. The process could even take weeks from your busy schedule.… Read More>>


All set to purchase your dream home? Keep an eye out for these common pitfalls…

Many first home-buyers in Australia have been saving up for years to pay up the deposit on their first home, yet, the sky-rocketing property prices keep them from reaching the elusive 20% home loan deposit target.… Read More>>


Planning to sell your house this summer? Maybe it is too small for you, maybe you want to downsize, or probably, you simply want to move on. But have you prepared your house, and more importantly, yourself, for the sale?

Experts say that your best buyers come along in the first 30 days you put your house for sale.… Read More>>


Australia Day is approaching and it is time to celebrate the great Australian culture, a unique melting point of global cultures and peoples who will all
join in the revelry on 26th January as proud Australians.

As you gear up to celebrate this special day, have you ever given it a thought that almost 25% of the Australians celebrating… Read More>>


It turns out that Gen Y essentially comprises renters – the practical movers always in search for better pastures. The smartest of the lot have in fact turned the property market on its head by bringing rentvesting into fashion – that is, rent where you like and buy where you can afford.… Read More>>


In 2014-15, Chinese emerged as the biggest foreign property investors in Australia, coughing out over $24 billion (much more than the United States), reveals a report by Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).
What has driven the transfer of so much wealth from China to Australia?… Read More>>


Your house, one of your biggest financial and emotional investments, can
prove to be a worthy appreciating asset, a veritable gold mine, if chosen strategically; bearing in mind factors affecting the prices of the properties and how they affect the property you are planning to buy or sell for that matter.… Read More>>


While 2016 saw the rise of metal and sheen indoors, the New Year has already ushered in new styles, bringing understated luxury back in vogue. Here are 3 trends to catch on this weekend for a quick home makeover without breaking your pocket.… Read More>>

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