With the constantly tightening lending criterion in Australia, at least one in four borrowers looking for home loan find themselves in a spot due to not falling in line with the credit guidelines for traditional lenders. Lenders, today, only want to lend to borrowers with squeaky-clean credit histories,… Read More>>


In Australia, owning a property is a coveted dream we all grow up with. And why not, considering the increasing property prices and the financial and emotional security that comes with owning your own abode, buying property is definitely a favourite hobby for Australians, and with good reason, too.… Read More>>


Do you take home a reasonably fat pay cheque every month? Have you been
making all your monthly payments and debt repayments on time, always? Are you reasonably proud of your money management skills?

Well, that’s great! But that does not mean you will surely get approval for your home loan, thanks to the high debt-to-income ratio you may be servicing, unknowingly.… Read More>>


Anyone who has any experience in the mortgage market would agree it might take up to several weeks to get a home loan. Then, how does one service an immediate need for cash when buying a new property and the existing one is yet not sold? While a traditional mortgage may be the clichéd choice,… Read More>>


Many investors buying an investment property find themselves muddled with all the investment property jargon flying around in the market. As first time investors may find it all too little confusing, here’s a handy guide decoding the 10 most common investment property loan terms any investor will come across:… Read More>>


The home loan market may be a confusing one to traverse – what with all the financial jargon flying around. Even experienced home buyers may feel daunted when faced with the number of mortgage loans available in the market. Fixed or variable? Professional package? Low-doc? Or a line of credit?… Read More>>


Building your wealth in bricks and mortar? Considering the current market, a capital idea, indeed! Investing in property is a popular strategy for wealth creation but not without pitfalls. If not planned wisely, the cost of owning an investment property can quickly override the profits.… Read More>>


Very often you find yourself requiring cash to meet emergencies or for planned renovations or purchases. While it is always possible to use your credit card for smaller amounts or take a personal loan, using the equity in your house to fund further investments or home improvements… Read More>>


Anna and Blake have decided to buy their first home but wondering where to start. Indeed, buying a house is a long process. From choosing a location to deciding on a property to securing finance, there are so many steps involved until you hold the key to your dream house.… Read More>>

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