Where we love is home…but did you ever think of making your home feel loved?

Valentine’s Day just passed us by, but the romance lingers in the air. February is the month of love – when you go out of your way to make… Read More>>


Buying a home can cost you an arm and a leg, in terms of money as well as time. Yet, it remains a revered investment and personal goal. Owning a home not only has financial implications, it has emotions attached to it as well. But very often, in the excitement of owning your own abode, it is possible to go overboard and turn house poor instead of being cash rich. Buying property is a decision that must be backed by thorough research … Read More>>


Do you know that a higher interest rate loan that is well structured can save you much more than a seemingly low-interest rate loan over its full term?

You are not alone when it comes to falling for the well-oiled home loan options that seem too good to be true. Indeed, a well-planned property purchase is an invaluable asset, but only if you are able to actually … Read More>>


The equity in their homes is a major source of wealth for most Australians. Simply speaking, home equity refers to the difference between the market value of your property and the debt outstanding against it. Many lenders allow you to access up to 80% of the equity built… Read More>>


Recent data released by HashChing revealed the most ripped off Australian suburbs where borrowers are paying interest rates as high as 7% or more on their home loans.

With the national average current home loan rate around 4%, is it time to revisit your home loan? … Read More>>


True love can find you in the most unexpected of places…though, it may help if you come out of the hiding and seek love in one of these suburbs where more number of singles are looking to mingle.

Yes, as most of you get cozy with your partners this Valentine’s Day, the ‘singles’ needn’t despair– as many people must have already told you… Read More>>


Have you checked the interest rate on your home loan lately? Not buying breakfast or opting for the discounted versions of smashed avocado on toast introduced by several cafes last year may add few dollars to your savings, but a health check up on your home loan … Read More>>


When you are out there in the market, looking to buy some real estate, it can really help to know how much you can afford to borrow before starting the fabled house hunt.

Know what you can afford. While most Australians dream to buy their first home, many do not realise that actually ‘owning’ you… Read More>>


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