In 2014-15, Chinese emerged as the biggest foreign property investors in Australia, coughing out over $24 billion (much more than the United States), reveals a report by Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).
What has driven the transfer of so much wealth from China to Australia?… Read More>>


Your house, one of your biggest financial and emotional investments, can
prove to be a worthy appreciating asset, a veritable gold mine, if chosen strategically; bearing in mind factors affecting the prices of the properties and how they affect the property you are planning to buy or sell for that matter.… Read More>>


While 2016 saw the rise of metal and sheen indoors, the New Year has already ushered in new styles, bringing understated luxury back in vogue. Here are 3 trends to catch on this weekend for a quick home makeover without breaking your pocket.… Read More>>


Most people are boggled by financial jargon – especially terms surrounding credit such as credit scores and credit reports and go through their entire lives without understanding the significance of either, until, one fine day, they find themselves searching for a home loan.… Read More>>


Gen Y is getting practical, and for good reason, too. As the cost of living increases continuously, Gen Y is not shying away from switching jobs – be it
for better pay packages or for a better lifestyle. In fact, the job-hopping trend has caught up across generations.

You’d be surprised to know that the average duration an individual spends… Read More>>


You can’t have the cake and eat it too, that’s what we have been told since childhood. However, Gen Y is perceptibly breaking out of this age-old adage,
by combining the best of both the worlds – renting and investing – through rentvesting.… Read More>>


Do you have bad credit on your file?

Something as small as missing an utility payment to declaring bankruptcy can mark your credit file for a long time to come. In fact, while bankruptcy proceedings usually last 3 years, bankruptcy stays on your credit file for 7 years… Read More>>


The New Year is almost upon us. As most of us get busy planning for the holiday season, it is also the time to review the months gone by and set new resolutions for the coming year. Along with losing weight to getting more organised to eating healthy, financial goals such as saving more and paying off debts rank right on top for many savvy Australians.… Read More>>


If you have ever been stung by “surge pricing” while trying to find a late night Uber ride home… you are probably not alone. Paying one and a half or double the standard fare is not an uncommon occurrence -especially during busy times. The question is if this is acceptable for a home loan?… Read More>>


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