According to a news report, Australian households owe debts equal to 125% of GDP, as combined investor and owner-occupier outstanding loan value sums to a mighty $1.6 trillion (rising from $1.2 trillion over the past 5 years).

As per another report published in December 2015 by NATSEM, the ratio of … Read More>>


As the RBA brings down the official cash rate to a new low of 1.5% in order to stir up the price growth, home owners and to-be home owners get another reason to rejoice.

Previously, when the RBA had slashed the rates to 1.75%, many banks had passed on the full cut to customers. It cannot be predicted whether the lenders will follow the same route this time, however… Read More>>


In case you are stuck with the same home loan since the past 3 years or more, it is time to look around and maybe even move on! As interest rates on home loans soar to a new low, it is time to scan the market and check for a better deal.… Read More>>


Buying a home is one thing, owning it another. Purchasing a house is a major financial decision that will impact your lifestyle for a long time. However, no one wants to reel under debt for the next 25 years or so, and there is no need to, as you can pave your way to financial… Read More>>


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