Should I buy a house or apartment as investment?

For first home-owners, owning a home is a dream they have grown up on. Further, houses have shown higher capital appreciation over a long term horizon and give you flexibility to renovate, redesign and even build a granny flat for your granny or a loved one (or for renting out), if you feel like. On the other hand, maintenance and repair costs can come down quite heavily on your shoulders if the house is not in good shape. Renting in the future may not be as profitable as according to stats, apartments return higher rental yields than houses in most suburbs.… Read More>>

Pros and cons of buying property interstate

As property prices shoot up in Sydney, many investors are turning to Brisbane that currently offers a low entry rate to investors and promises higher rental yields. This means that all property markets follow a different cycle and smart investors can balance capital gains and rental yields by buying properties across states. … Read More>>

Things you need to know about building a granny flat

As more and more Australian backyards are turning into secondary dwellings, granny flats are getting popular for affordable accommodation and depreciation benefits. Moreover, it only takes about 8-12 weeks to construct one in a budget of approximately $100,000. There are many options to finance your granny home – you can use the equity in your home or refinance your existing home loan. It is also possible to take a construction loan to build your granny flat.… Read More>>

How to buy property with SMSF

While holding a property in your SMSF portfolio offers you tax concessions on rental income and no taxes in the pension phase on rental income and capital gains, the process of borrowing money via SMSF is a complicated one and understanding the basics can help you decide whether the strategy works for you or not.… Read More>>

Guide to SMSF Investment Strategy

An SMSF Investment Strategy lays down what all the fund can invest in. It is the responsibility of the trustees to make an investment strategy according to the requirements of the fund members and keep an eye on how the assets are performing. The investment strategy much be reviewed yearly and SMSFs are liable for yearly audits… Read More>>

Is now the time to lock in rates

Though economists continually make educated guesses about which way the interest rates would head, the predictions are just that, guesses. The last 3 years have witnessed exceptionally low interest rates with fixed loans available under the 4% mark, following closely on the heels of their variable interest counterparts.… Read More>>


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