How a buyer's agent can help you buying a property

Unless you happen to be an ‘artist of real estate’, situating yourself in an auction room with money to burn or negotiating a price with selling agents could well cause you some pretty severe distress. A buyer’s agent will be able to handle all of these issues right up to the settlement process and advising just what paperwork is required when.… Read More>>

Stamp duty QLD - Costs and concessions

The Home Concession or the Principal Place of Residence Concession allows substantial stamp duty concessions to buyers of owner-occupied properties who intend to move into the house within 12 months of the settlement date. If you are a first home or first vacant land buyer, additional stamp duty rebates are available for you.… Read More>>

Comparison rate definition

Interest rates on home loans in Australia are at all time low, and banks are offering deals that seem too good to be true. Home buyers, thus, are scampering to quickly make a kill – Owning a property and saving on your home loan, now that’s utopia for every Australian.… Read More>>

First Home Owners Grant Eligibility - Case Study

In 2016, 90,000 Australians purchased their first home. Susan was one of them. Susan had long decided that she would buy her own home by the time she turned 30. With a steady job, a decent income and $35,000 in her kitty for a home loan deposit, she was all set to buy her first property when reality hit her. Learn more about Susan’s story.… Read More>>


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