tips for first home buyers

Buying a home for the very first time can be scary and confusing. Some of you might have probably come to the realisation that they have got absolutely no idea how to go about buying your first home. Here are the top 11 tips you need to know when entering the Housing Market.… Read More>>

How falling property prices can impact your home loan

Falling property prices may sound gloomy to those who have already purchased property in these areas and fear to lose out on capital gains, however, this isn’t the case as despite the slowdown, Sydney and Melbourne have recorded the strongest annual gains in the housing market.… Read More>>

Redraw Facility vs Offset Account

Paying off your home loan before the full term is easier than you imagined. We all know that debt accumulates interest and if you can pay off the principal faster, you end up paying lesser interest as well as take away years from the life of your loan. Most banks allow you to make additional repayments at no extra cost. Learn more about your options.… Read More>>

Why doctors should use a mortgage broker

If you are a doctor, dentist or an allied medical practitioner, you are eligible for special doctor discounts provided you can show proof of education and employment and be registered with the Medical Practitioners Board of Australia.… Read More>>

Pros and Cons of buying off the plan

There’s a lot of bad press surrounding off-the-plan developments: developer might go bankrupt, excessive speculation … But it could also be a great investment if a buyer pays a lot less for a property than it’s worth at the time he moves in, when property prices increase significantly during the time it takes for the developer to build the home. Learn more about the pros and cons.… Read More>>

Setting up financial goals in 2016

Maybe you want to do some home renovations or are anticipating a large expense. If thinking about how much it will cost sends shivers up your spine, keep reading. There are ways to save money successfully, and it all starts with a plan.… Read More>>


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