Why doctors should use a mortgage broker

Professionals pose low-risk to lenders who offer several home loan packages for various professionals including lawyers, engineers, accountants and doctors. In fact, doctors are favoured above all the other professionals due to high incomes and one of the lowest default rates on… Read More>>

Is your home loan still right for you?

You’d be surprised to know that there are more than 150 home loans with interest rates less than 5.2% p.a. on offer in Australia. Are you still paying the price for being loyal to your bank? The interest rates in Australia have come down by over 2% p.a. since the year 2012. Despite that, less… Read More>>

Pros and Cons of buying off the plan

Buying off the plan means purchasing a house or an apartment before it is completely built. While it can offer benefits in terms of flexibility of design, potential capital growth and cheaper deals courtesy the construction boom in many parts of Australia, is it really a good idea to buy something you can’t yet see?… Read More>>

Setting up financial goals in 2016

Now that we are few days into the year 2016, most of us would have decided to turn a new leaf and be better, fitter, slimmer and richer… Is your heart set on that dream home or you want to get debt-free sooner? Intend a long international vacation or looking to invest in property this… Read More>>

Is it worth staying loyal to Big 4 Bank for home loan?

The high-profile home loan rate increase by big 4 banks in October has had a negative impact on consumer satisfaction with satisfaction levels of the big 4 banks declining to 78.2% in November, down from 80% in September. According to latest Roy Morgan Research Consumer Satisfaction Report 2015, ANZ showed the biggest decline to 74.8%… Read More>>

renting out or selling your property

Planning a move to a new city or a different house? Sometimes, due to changes in financial or personal conditions, it becomes imperative to move out of your current residence and shift to a new abode. Considering your emotional attachment with your home and other financial criteria, are you in a dilemma whether to rent… Read More>>

first home - should you buy an apartment or house?

A big suburban home with lots of open spaces for the dog to chase butterflies or a swish elegant apartment in the heart of all the action? According to a report by Macquarie Bank, property prices are all set to fall by almost 7.5% in the year 2016. Though existing home-owners needn’t worry, as past… Read More>>

easy guide to finance your first home

Planning to buy your first home? From choosing the property to getting the right finance, the list of chores is long. Don’t let the hard work overshadow the joy of owning your dream. Let us guide you for simplified financing. Choosing the right property is important. Go for areas that have shown consistent capital growth… Read More>>

How to maximize returns on an investment property

Are you one of the 23 million Australians who own an investment property? If yes, are you making the most out of rental property? The whole aim of an investment property is to give you returns. We bring you simple tips to get your property working for you, in more ways than one! Buy it… Read More>>


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