Recently bought an investment property and befuddled with your tax return? Be thorough this year as the Australian Tax Office (ATO) is closely watching the 1.8 million Australians who own investment properties. ATO has revealed that investment property owners claim an average of $25,717 in deductions covering interest on loans, writing off capital works and… Read More>>


Do you think you would ever want to rebuild your house and possessions from scratch again – all the work and tears as well as the cash and repayments! Secure yourself from the eventualities. Home insurance covers the cost of damages caused to your building while contents insurance covers the cost of your possessions such… Read More>>


More and more non-residents want to own a piece of Australia – and why not, considering the unmatched quality of life the country has to offer. Foreign direct investment in the real estate sector for 2014 was to a tune of $47.7 billion. This constitutes 6.9% of the total FDI in Australia and shows a… Read More>>

Property Investment

Whether it is the first time home-owners or people venturing into the real estate market for the second time, buying property is turning out to be the most favourite hobby of Australians. Being one of the biggest financial decisions you would ever take, don’t be blinded by the crowd while you buy your home. Think… Read More>>


While you may be scouting for a unit to rent in Sydney, take a look at the changing rental trends before you choose your abode.

Increasing rent rates in Sydney

Tenants in Sydney seem to be having a tough time. Domain’s Quarterly Rent Report signals that rent rates in Sydney are increasing at the fastest… Read More>>


Most people want to remodel the house they live in at one point or another. Maybe some fancy new fittings, an extension, an open kitchen or new paint on the walls. Many homeowners are also taking up home renovation to cash in on the rising property wave. Small changes can fetch big money, especially in… Read More>>


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