add value to your property with bathroom renovation

What is one of the quickest and most effective ways to add value to your home? With housing prices increasing, a lot of Australian homeowners have found a way to increase the value of their property by renovating. Bathroom renovations are on the rise. Renovating can make a property more valuable and can be a more cost… Read More>>

extra repayment calculator, the impact of making extra payments on your debt

Making extra repayments on your loan can cut down years off the term of the loan and even save you money on the interest. Why pay extra? We all know debt accumulates interest. Simply put – the more money you owe, the more interest you pay. Thus, making extra repayments would not only shorten… Read More>>

what is a reverse mortgage?

Worried if your savings would be adequate to ensure a smooth retired life? Cashing into your home equity could be an option to consider. More and more seniors in Australia are opting for reverse mortgage on their houses in order to fund a comfortable retirement.… Read More>>

equity and home loan for renovation

Your existing home is cramping your lifestyle. Perhaps your family has grown or you just want a different floor plan. Should you move to a brand new property, or renovate the house you currently live in? Renovating your home usually means increasing its value, making the long-term return on the investment worth the trouble and initial expense.… Read More>>

first home buyers grant eligibility

Do you think it is getting harder to buy a house in Australia, especially for Gen Y? In 2010, a survey by Genworth revealed that the average age of first time house buyers had risen to 31 years from about 25 years in the seventies. In July 2015, ABS revealed that the first home buyers accounted for only 15.4% of the buyers in the market.… Read More>>

granny flat on the rise in australia

The demand for housing in Australia has averaged to about 164,000 dwellings per year. While there is a forecast for this upswing to stabilise in the next twelve months, the outlook is certainly good for house owners with some extra space to build on. One attractive option that looks promising is the concept of granny flats, an additional smaller living unit on the same property.… Read More>>

check list when planning for your first home loan

As per HIA housing forecasts the demand for housing in Australia is going to grow strongly in the coming years. The prices of homes have also been sky rocketing as a result. According to the Australian housing outlook report there was a price rise of about 8% in the year 2014 and all the major… Read More>>

top myths about real estate agents debunked

Whether you have been eyeing to grab a cozy spot or are swept over by the investment wave, HashChing recommends debunking popular real-estate myths before you make any investment decisions. No hocus-pocus here, we bring you everything but the kitchen sink… Read More>>

home loan options for work visa holders

Do you know how many 457 visa holders are in Australia currently? According to the data released by the Department of Immigration, at the end of March 2016, there were a total of 177,390 457 visa holders in Australia. This number comprised 97,766 primary 457 visa holders and 79,624 secondary (a family member or dependent) 457 visa holders.… Read More>>


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