Is your interest rate burning a hole in your wallet?

The mortgage marketplace has turned highly competitive in the past few years. As a result, most banks are offering deals and discounts to new customers to expand their customer base. However, the cheaper rates for new customers are fuelled by the pockets of existing home borrowers. Yes, lenders are increasing fees or raising rates for… Read More>>

Interest-only borrowers could see their mortgage repayments rise by $7,000 annually over the next three years

According to an ASIC survey of 11 lenders conducted in 2015, one in every four owner-occupiers and two in every three investors are interest-only.     Reason? Interest-only loans offer certain advantages compared to principal and interest loans, such as lower repayments during the interest-only period and greater tax deductions for investment properties. Despite these… Read More>>

What’s happening in the Australian real estate market

The two hottest real estate markets in Australia seem to be letting out steam. Prices in Sydney dropped 0.3 percent in March bringing values down by 2.1 percent on the year. Melbourne prices dropped by 0.2 percent, recording a year to date fall of 0.5 percent. The annual growth in the capital city, however, remained… Read More>>

10-yearly updates to keep your home in top shape

Your home is a precious asset – a place where you live, love, laugh and pray. Thus, it is essential to keep your house in top shape through routine maintenance to avoid inconvenience in the future and save thousands of dollars in repairs.     According to experts, it is crucial to stay up to… Read More>>

How to build a large property portfolio

Building an expansive property portfolio is a dream few investors achieve. However, owning multiple investment properties could be the key to achieving financial freedom, if you choose your investments wisely.     According to data released by CoreLogic in June 2016, there were 2.03 million individual investors in the country, implying most property investors owned… Read More>>

Five things buyers should look for when inspecting a property

Heading along to a home inspection requires at least some degree of preparation. It can be intimidating for anyone, no matter how experienced you are. If you arrange for an inspection by a professional before the sale goes through, the problem is still the seller’s, because you can usually withdraw your offer before the settlement… Read More>>

Simple hacks to pay down your mortgage in 10 years

‘Owning’ a home is a priority for many Australians. But, do you really want to wait for 25 years to own your home? Or, would you rather pay off the mortgage quickly and live debt-free in the golden years of your life?     There are several advantages of prepaying your home loan, such as:… Read More>>

How can you benefit from working with a mortgage broker

New research reveals that three in 10 aspiring homebuyers start their financing journey by going to a mortgage broker for help in securing a loan.     Mortgage brokers offer more choice and savings to homebuyers by introducing competition in the industry. “Without mortgage brokers, the major lenders would have no incentive to offer innovative… Read More>>

Is this the time to fix your mortgage?

The demand for fixed rate home loans has been on a decline in the past few months. In March, only 20 percent, or one in five borrowers opted to fix their home loans. However, there seems to be a lot of noise about a rate hike, which could send home borrowers scurrying to fix their… Read More>>


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