As much as you love Fido, when it comes to selling your house, many potential buyers can be turned off with pet odour or even signs of your pet such as dog or cat fur, making it harder to sell your house. Even home buyers who are dog lovers may be turned off or over scrutinising as most buyers consider pets to be synonymous with property damage such as scratched walls and carpet stains. So how can pet owners command the best price for their property while ensuring Fido isn’t bothered as well?


We bring you few practical tips to prevent your beloved pet from turning away potential buyers:

1. Keep pets out of buyers’ way – One of the best ways to minimise the impact of your pet on your home sale is by boarding them in a kennel during the sale process. However, this may not be practical as you aren’t sure how long your property will stay on the market and the cost of kennelling will add up to your expenses. If you can request a close friend or family member to lodge and take care of Fido, it will be a win-win situation for both you and your pet.

However, not all pet lovers would want to stay away from their dog or cat for such a long time. The other solution could be to keep your pet temporarily away during inspections and open houses. Put your cat in its crate or tie your dog in the backyard (weather permitting and with access to plenty of fresh water) to avoid unwelcome interactions between strangers and your pet.

“My Labrador, who is extremely friendly, was over anxious once we put our house on sale and people started flowing in regularly for viewings. While he is a friendly dog, I made the mistake of keeping him in sight during the first few inspections against the advice of my real estate agent, losing out on several potential buyers. Finally, I started leaving it with a friend during visits and my house went off the market soon after that,” informs Kate, who recently sold her home to move into a larger house for her expanding family.

2. Pet odours and other signs of pets – While you may be immune to your dog’s or cat’s odour, many people are turned off by the damp dog odour that you cannot detect in your home. When organising a home visit, thoroughly clean your house with natural enzyme cleaners to eliminate any foul odour. Avoid over using chemicals and air fresheners, as some people may be allergic.

Pet fur and dander are other potential irritants and if you have pets at home, it is important to vacuum your home at least twice a day during the sale process, especially between sofa seats and corners where fur tends to accumulate. Be careful, as you don’t want potential buyers on a sneezing spree as soon as they enter your house!

Additionally, don’t forget to clear chew toys and Fido’s other belongings strewn across your place when expecting buyers. You must clean any pet droppings from your lawn and backyard.

3. Remove stains – Often pets leave stains on carpets and scratch marks on walls and furniture. Inspect your house minutely before putting up for sale so that you can detect these signs of damage before a potential buyer does. While it is not recommended to mention your pet in a property listing (or include them in your property listing photographs!), do inform your real estate agent of your pet so that they can guide you better.

Sellers, like home buyers should prepare well in advance to get the best price for their properties. Do you know the length of the time your house stays in the market rests squarely in your own hands? Apart from preparing for the sale, sellers must also plan their next move in time. If you are selling to relocate, downsize or move to a larger property, it is time to compare home loans online to get the lowest rates on your mortgage for your next property.

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By Vidhu Bajaj


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