VALAY Shah and his family are a prime example of how being persistent and why you shouldn’t give up on trying to get a better deal on your mortgage.

Originally, Mr Valay Shah requested a lower interest rate on his home loan but was denied by his own bank.


Never Give up on Mortgage Discounts

Valay Shah and his family were denied from their bank but got a lower
rate with the same bank using a partner broker from HashChing.

So what did he do?

He jumped online and used the HashChing platform and got a HashChing partner broker to negotiate a $200 a month saving. And that was from the same bank that had rejected him.

“The extra savings on my home loan means a lot for me and my family,” says Mr Shah, whose home loan interest rate was cut from 4.54 percent to 4.09 percent.

“Some of that additional money I am putting back into my home loan so I can pay off the loan sooner, and the rest goes into a savings account for my son’s higher education.”



HashChing is Australia’s first online marketplace and connects borrowers to highly-rated mortgage broker in their area.

The CEO of HashChing says Mr Shah’s initial attempt at getting a lower rate did not succeed because he didn’t know what other lenders were offering.

“The mortgage broker called Valay’s bank and threatened to switch Valay to a different lender if they didn’t match the competitor lender offer. Valay’s bank realised they would lose one of its premium customers if they didn’t match,” he says.

“It literally pays to be persistent.”

“Shah’s advice for other borrowers is to do their homework.”

“You should know what your current rate is, and regularly research online for better rates,” he says.

“Speak to your bank or lender, and if you can’t get a better deal from them, then be ready to move to a different provider.”

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