The Best First Home Buyers Guide To New Construction

Purchasing a newly constructed home requires more involvement from the buyer than a resale transaction. Keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth deal and maximize your enjoyment with your new home. … Read More>>

8 popular types of home loans

Most homebuyers cannot purchase a home without borrowing some money from the banks. But banks are not charitable institutions and charge borrowers interest on the money they lend, as well as, fees for the additional services they provide.… Read More>>

to build or buy? construction loan and home loan

On the one hand, building your own home gives you more flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to design your home to suit your specific needs and preferences. But buying an existing home is often more convenient than building a new one, as all you’ll need is a loan pre-approval to begin looking. … Read More>>

Things you need to know about building a granny flat

As more and more Australian backyards are turning into secondary dwellings, granny flats are getting popular for affordable accommodation and depreciation benefits. Moreover, it only takes about 8-12 weeks to construct one in a budget of approximately $100,000. There are many options to finance your granny home – you can use the equity in your home or refinance your existing home loan. It is also possible to take a construction loan to build your granny flat.… Read More>>

are you overpaying for your off-the-plan property?

It is easy to fall for the glossy brochures that the developers use to market their property. However, don’t be blinded by what is being advertised, make sure you get an independent valuation done before you decide to buy an off-the-plan property.… Read More>>

Pros and Cons of buying off the plan

There’s a lot of bad press surrounding off-the-plan developments: developer might go bankrupt, excessive speculation … But it could also be a great investment if a buyer pays a lot less for a property than it’s worth at the time he moves in, when property prices increase significantly during the time it takes for the developer to build the home. Learn more about the pros and cons.… Read More>>

house and land packages - tips to get the finance sorted

Home and Land Package is a term usually used by home developers to describe a ‘package deal’ that includes both a new home and the land on which it’s built. Here are a few simple tips to get the finance sorted.… Read More>>


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