A Day In The Life Of A Mortgage Broker

Historically, prior to the credit crunch, the number of customers working with a mortgage broker compared to those dealing directly with their bank was relatively evenly split.     Now, thanks to the arrival of highly experienced mortgage brokers such as Collins Mayaki many clients have recognised the advantages of consulting an experienced mortgage broker,… Read More>>

6 reasons to engage a mortgage broker

Buying a home is one of life’s biggest decisions, which is why finding the right home loan suited to your own personal situation, requirements and budget is crucial. An experienced mortgage broker can save you time and money, and simplify the loan application process. Where a bank is limited to offering only their own products,… Read More>>

4 times in your life when you need a mortgage broker

According to research, 3 in 10 aspiring home buyers start their financing journey by going to a mortgage broker for help in securing a loan. Kate, a HashChing mortgage broker, says, “Mortgage brokers add a lot of value to a homebuyer’s financing journey by offering seasoned insights and more savings through greater choice.” She explains… Read More>>

4 Signs you are working with a good mortgage broker

The home buying process can be a time-consuming process. For home loan borrowers browsing and comparing the numerous loan options on offer can be confusing. A mortgage broker can be a powerful adviser that is likely to have a major influence on your financial life. A good mortgage broker understands the range of products available… Read More>>

How can you benefit from working with a mortgage broker

New research reveals that three in 10 aspiring homebuyers start their financing journey by going to a mortgage broker for help in securing a loan.     Mortgage brokers offer more choice and savings to homebuyers by introducing competition in the industry. “Without mortgage brokers, the major lenders would have no incentive to offer innovative… Read More>>

The growing importance of mortgage brokers

Today, nearly 60 percent home loans in Australia are settled through mortgage brokers. Most lenders predict this number to grow in the future. Indeed, brokers have turned the mortgage lending industry around. By offering borrowers home loan products matched to their requirements from several lenders, they have enabled Australian home borrowers to make informed choices,… Read More>>

How investors can benefit from working with a mortgage broker

Today, many Australians prefer to use a mortgage broker to arrange their home loan. However, there are still quite a few who’d rather walk down to the bank personally to arrange their mortgage. But, for investors, taking the DIY route might not be very beneficial in the long run. Why?     Because every successful… Read More>>


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