Top 5 mistakes to avoid as a first home buyer

5 first-time home buyer mistakes and how to avoid them Planning to buy your first home? Congratulations. We are sure you are quite excited, and a bit nervous, too. Indeed, traversing the complicated world of mortgages, all alone, for the first time, could feel daunting. However, with a little bit of planning and foresight, applying… Read More>>

The growing significance of the Bank of Mum and Dad

The bank of Mum and Dad is Australia’s tenth largest lender currently. According to research by Digital Finance Analytics, 55 percent of first-time buyers receive financial assistance from their parents. The average amount lent by parents was reported to be a whopping $89,000!     There is no denying that more and more first-time buyers… Read More>>

How to handle a first mortgage

Planning to buy your first home. Congratulations! But have you done your groundwork? In addition to choosing the right property for yourself, the right home loan is as important to finance your purchase. Do you know how much you can afford to borrow (calculate here) or which kind of home loan is the best for… Read More>>

The dream team every investor must have on board

Over the years, real estate has been the safest place to park your money – offering unmatched appreciation and mental security in the form of a tangible asset. But that does not mean every investment property is a gold mine. Thus, it makes sense to have a team of professionals on your side, who can… Read More>>

Is it the right time to purchase your first home?

Well, it seems the answer to that is a big Yes (provided you get your finances right – read more for tips on how to get a home loan). First home buyer activity has significantly increased across Australia over the past few months, thanks to the measures taken by the Federal and state governments to… Read More>>

Top tips for first time property investors

You don’t need to be a genius to build a shining property portfolio. Yes, anyone can start investing in property irrespective of age or wealth. All you need to start is some basic knowledge of the real estate market and a deposit for your mortgage. Here are some top tips to propel your property investment… Read More>>

First Home Owner Grand Western Australia - FHOG Perth

Hefty grants offered by various states and stamp duty exemptions extended to first home buyers in the latest budget have given a big push to first home buyer activity across the country. Thus, it is not surprising that first home buyers comprised 17.6 percent of the owner-occupier market in October, rising from 17.4 percent in… Read More>>

First Home Buyers

The younger generation is being increasingly maligned for mooching off their parents. Not fledging the nest on time, reports confirm that nearly 114,000 people in Sydney between the age group of 25 and 34 continue to stay in the family home, unable to save enough money to buy a property amidst the spiralling prices all… Read More>>


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