home loan types: offset account vs redraw facility

Offset accounts and redraw facilities are both home loan features. They let borrowers use their spare cash to whittle away the mortgage. Deciding between an offset account and a redraw facility on your home loan largely depends on how accessible you need your extra money to be.… Read More>>

conveyancer or solicitor, who should you talk to?

Confused about whether to hire a conveyancer or solicitor? Learn the key difference between conveyancer and solicitor. Generally conveyancers have detailed knowledge in one area of law, being property law. Solicitors on the other hand have specific knowledge about property law but also broader knowledge of the law in general. But it’s not the only difference…… Read More>>

11 basic mortgage terms you should know

Mortgages are long term commitments that can affect your lifestyle for some time to come. By fully understanding the terms of your mortgage and the amounts you will be paying you will be in a better position in the long run.
Looking for investing in a property? Here’s the essential mortgage terminology you need to know before you go house hunting.… Read More>>

8 popular types of home loans

Most homebuyers cannot purchase a home without borrowing some money from the banks. But banks are not charitable institutions and charge borrowers interest on the money they lend, as well as, fees for the additional services they provide.… Read More>>

clawback fees, all you need to know

Note that brokers do not work for any particular lender. They are paid for the introduction of a new loan and they receive a smaller trailing commission for the life of your loan for their ongoing support and annual follow-up. Brokers do not receive any commission if you default on your mortgage. This is good, as this payment model urges brokers to work harder and suggest home loans in line with your financial position, so that the mortgage you obtain, suits your requirements.… Read More>>

glossary of important financial terms

It is recommended to brush up your knowledge about the property buying process by reading up educational material such as the home loan guidance on the ASIC Money Smart website. As a starting point, today, we bring you a glossary of the top 20 financial terms you must know.
Read More>>

How a financial counsellor can help you

Financial counsellors are part of mostly non-governmental organisations engaged in providing free financial counselling services to persons facing financial hardships. Financial counsellors are different from financial advisors – they do not charge for their services and provide free, independent and confidential service to clients seeking help.… Read More>>

Should I buy a house or apartment as investment?

For first home-owners, owning a home is a dream they have grown up on. Further, houses have shown higher capital appreciation over a long term horizon and give you flexibility to renovate, redesign and even build a granny flat for your granny or a loved one (or for renting out), if you feel like. On the other hand, maintenance and repair costs can come down quite heavily on your shoulders if the house is not in good shape. Renting in the future may not be as profitable as according to stats, apartments return higher rental yields than houses in most suburbs.… Read More>>


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