8 Popular Types of Home Loans

Which home loan is right for you? Searching for your dream home in Australia? If yes, chances are you are also looking for the right mortgage product to finance your home!     Yes, most homebuyers cannot purchase a home without borrowing some money from the banks. But banks are not charitable institutions and charge… Read More>>

Clawback fees, all you need to know

Understanding Clawback Fee Joe’s mortgage broker arranged a 25-year home loan for him with X bank at a rate of 3.91 per cent per annum. However, six months down the line, another mortgage broker presented a better deal to Joe, reducing his rate to 3.75 per cent per annum, leading to significant savings each month.… Read More>>

Glossary of important financial terms

According to a survey by mortgage lender ME Bank, the majority of first home buyers in Australia do not understand what conveyancing is, aren’t sure what mortgage insurance covers, and are quite ignorant of the auction process. Yet, 70 percent of first homeowners reported that they felt confident making financial decisions, which is quite surprising… Read More>>


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