No deposit home loan deals for first home buyers.

Think you can’t buy a home because you have no deposit? There are lots of ways to work within the system. There are only a few no deposit mortgage options in Australia. Learn how people borrow 100% of the property price with such home loan deals.… Read More>>

use your superannuation to fund your mortgage deposit

It’s no secret that saving for a house is tough. Raising the money for a deposit can seem to take forever, even if you’re consistent with your savings plan. But since 2018, First-home buyers have been allowed to use up to $30,000 of voluntary superannuation contributions to place a mortgage deposit in an effort to help young people gain a foothold in the property market.… Read More>>

home loans without a deposit

Assuming you have a 5% deposit available one could opt to use a high LVR lender. Though, as mentioned above this would typically lead to the buyer needing to pay a mortgage insurance fee, as a way for the lender to insure themselves.… Read More>>

ways to put up your home loan deposit.

While your mortgage lender requires you to have a 20 percent home loan deposit, it is not your lender to whom the deposit is paid. The deposit is directly paid to the vendor or their real estate agent, at the time of exchanging contracts or on the auction day to seal the deal.… Read More>>

sufficient deposit for securing a home loan

While having a larger deposit definitely has advantages, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy your home if you haven’t been able to save enough in your kitty. Many lenders are ready to offer up to 95% LVR loans, while some non-bank lenders may add an extra percent or two.… Read More>>

no deposit home loans

In case your heart is set on buying a home but you don’t have enough savings for a deposit, don’t be disheartened as there are various low-deposit and no deposit home loans in the market that you could avail. Read more about your options.… Read More>>


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