The secret to financial freedom

How to save on your home loan to achieve financial freedom Do you have a new home loan and can’t wait to get debt free as soon as possible? You try to pay a little extra each month; but life gets in the way at times. It could be an unexpected car repair or a… Read More>>

5 no-nos when negotiating your home purchase price

Buying a home is one of the most exciting purchases we can make, but also one of the most stressful experience for some of us. Having a good knowledge of the housing market is essential before you even start looking for a home. Here is a short list of what you should not do when… Read More>>

Tips to pay off your mortgage faster

Buying a home is an exciting yet strenuous time. Thus, it is not unusual for homeowners to wait for a few years to get on top of their mortgage before revisiting their interest rate and the amount outstanding on their home loan.     Well, that’s alright, you’d say, as you continue making your monthly… Read More>>

Top reasons to review your home loan now

With the next move in home loan interest rates expected to be upward, it is time to revisit your home loan rate and review your options. Should you fix your interest rate? Should you refinance? Are you on the best possible deal in the market? And, most importantly, is your mortgage product still right for… Read More>>

Simple hacks to pay down your mortgage in 10 years

‘Owning’ a home is a priority for many Australians. But, do you really want to wait for 25 years to own your home? Or, would you rather pay off the mortgage quickly and live debt-free in the golden years of your life?     There are several advantages of prepaying your home loan, such as:… Read More>>

Tips to succeed in a pre-auction negotiation

If you have found a house that matches your requirement perfectly, it is easy to get emotional about it and end up paying more than you possibly should. Whether you are a home-buyer or an investor, it is easy to get carried away by your emotions during negotiations, but it is critical not to. On… Read More>>

Mortgage delinquency expected to rise across Australia

According to research by Moody’s, in six Australian suburbs, no one is 30 days or more behind on their mortgage repayments. Namely, the zero mortgage delinquency suburbs reported by Moody’s are Carlingford, Crows Nest and Mosman in Sydney, Bentleigh and Glen Iris in Melbourne, and Ormiston in Brisbane.     The report by Moody’s also… Read More>>

How to save a home loan deposit

According to stats, it takes an average of five years for home buyers to save a 20 percent deposit to purchase a median-priced home in Australia. It is, therefore, not surprising that saving up a deposit is usually the first, and often the longest, part of every home buyer’s journey.     What is a… Read More>>

How to improve your credit score?

Your credit file is like your financial report card while your credit score summarises the information on your file into a number that helps lenders determine your creditworthiness.     What is a good credit score? Using the information on your credit file, credit bureaus such as Equifax calculate your credit score based on a… Read More>>


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