How to improve your credit score?

Your credit file is like your financial report card while your credit score summarises the information on your file into a number that helps lenders determine your creditworthiness.     What is a good credit score? Using the information on your credit file, credit bureaus such as Equifax calculate your credit score based on a… Read More>>

Positive and negative gearing explained

Negative gearing is back in the news. A report by the Australian Housing & Urban Research Institute (AHURI) proposes to “eliminate negative gearing deductions for wealthy investors.” According to the report, “$1.7 billion could be saved each year by radical changes to the negative gearing regime.” According to the proposal, lower income investors in the… Read More>>

How to find the right home loan

Today, there are hundreds of home loan products in the market. But, did you know too much choice could be confounding for Australian home buyers? According to a survey, 37 percent Australians found deciding between too many options to be an impediment to being financially savvy.     Wondering how to find the right home… Read More>>

Take control of your mortgage

With the RBA maintaining a low cash rate of 1.5 percent, there continues to be strong demand for home loans across the country. In November 2017, the value of home loans approved rose by 2.3 percent to $33.5 billion. Strong first home buyer activity was recorded in most states, with first home buyers accounting for… Read More>>

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Do you really want to wait for 30 years to own your dream home? Buying a home is not the same as owning it! Unless you pay off the last cent on your mortgage, your house is pledged as security to your lender – in short, it does not really belong to you.    … Read More>>

Compare home loans to save more

A recent report has indicated 40 percent Australians don’t know the interest rate they are paying on their home loan and potentially losing thousands of dollars to ignorance. According to research, two out of three Australians procrastinate when it comes to making financial decisions, leaving for tomorrow, what should have been done today! Yes, while… Read More>>

5 simple steps to get a home loan

Buying a house is an exciting experience and the right home loan can help you ‘own’ your home sooner. Currently, with low interest rates on offer by various banks and non-bank lenders, the Australian mortgage marketplace is full of options for the savvy home buyer.     However, many homebuyers find it complicated to apply… Read More>>

technology brings you closer to your home loan

It is common knowledge that your income and expenditure determine the fate of your home loan, apart from your assets and debts. Also, good credit history and proof of regular savings go a long way in tipping the scales in your favour. However, with household debt at a record high in Australia, the financial regulator… Read More>>

Stunning facts about Interest Only Loans

In October 2017, UBS carried out a survey of 900 borrowers that disclosed some stunning facts, including the shocking revelation that up to a third of borrowers with interest-only (IO) loans are not aware of the financial product on their hands. It means that one in three interest-only borrowers are not aware that their mortgage… Read More>>


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