11 basic mortgage terms you should know

Mortgages are long term commitments that can affect your lifestyle for some time to come. By fully understanding the terms of your mortgage and the amounts you will be paying you will be in a better position in the long run.
Looking for investing in a property? Here’s the essential mortgage terminology you need to know before you go house hunting.… Read More>>

7 things you must not do to get your mortgage application over the line

The most common mortgage mistakes borrowers make and how to avoid them. 7 things you must not do to get your mortgage application over the line. Avoid these bad mortgage behaviours that can lead you into a financial disaster. … Read More>>

8 popular types of home loans

Most homebuyers cannot purchase a home without borrowing some money from the banks. But banks are not charitable institutions and charge borrowers interest on the money they lend, as well as, fees for the additional services they provide.… Read More>>

top mortgage features you must look for

An average person buying a home for the first time is bound to be confused with complicated financial jargon and the many good and ‘not so good’ home loan products flooding the mortgage market. The solution, therefore, lies in educating yourself about the mortgage market and seeking help from an expert to ensure you are on the best deal possible for your situation in the market.… Read More>>

how to avoid a monster mortgage

If you are planning to buy a home, it is likely that you’d need to take out a home loan. But are you aware of how much money you can borrow? You could use an online calculator to determine your borrowing capacity or speak to a lender; but is it a good idea to borrow the full amount a lender is willing to lend you?… Read More>>

home loan lenders - do you really know who your real lender is?

Currently, nearly 60 percent of residential home loans in Australia are now introduced by mortgage brokers who are known to offer convenience and choice to home borrowers in addition to transparent advice on choosing the right home loan product for their requirement.… Read More>>

what homebuyers must know about the rba cash rate

The RBA is Australia’s central bank that is responsible for establishing the monetary policy of the country. It does so by setting the cash rate, which refers to the interest rate at which Australian banks can borrow money from the RBA, as well as, other institutional lenders. The cash rate, therefore, acts as the benchmark rate for the rest of the country.… Read More>>


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