switching home loan lenders

n addition to a lower interest rate, there are several other reasons to refinance your home loan. It is possible that your home loan no longer suits your requirements; for example, you might no longer want to pay for certain features in your home loan. … Read More>>

how to overcome mortgage stress

According to experts, borrowers can manage their home loan better by reviewing their interest rate as well as features, that could potentially help them get ahead of their mortgage.… Read More>>

what lenders look for in your bank statement

Mortgage lenders take time to carefully review your finances before approving you for a home loan. The aim is to make sure that you have enough money to service your monthly repayments without sinking under mortgage stress. A part of how lenders assess your financial situation is by reviewing your bank statement of at least the past couple of months.… Read More>>

easy way to save more money - financial knowledge

It is rare to come across a layperson who enjoys dabbling in numbers. Most people find it boring or tedious to work with numbers, and prefer to ‘guesstimate’ financial decisions, including buying a house, than basing them on sound facts and figures. Of course, you already know that such an attitude could be bad for your financial health. New research by home loan lender ME Bank reveals alarmingly poor levels of financial, more specifically, basic property buying literacy.… Read More>>

top 5 mistakes to avoid as a first home buyer

Buying a home is a major decision that will affect you financially and emotionally for years to come. A good home loan, however, can make a significant difference on your journey by ensuring flexible repayments and other terms that are well-suited to your financial condition and vision.… Read More>>

clawback fees, all you need to know

Note that brokers do not work for any particular lender. They are paid for the introduction of a new loan and they receive a smaller trailing commission for the life of your loan for their ongoing support and annual follow-up. Brokers do not receive any commission if you default on your mortgage. This is good, as this payment model urges brokers to work harder and suggest home loans in line with your financial position, so that the mortgage you obtain, suits your requirements.… Read More>>

how to overcome mortgage stress in australia

You are reeling under mortgage stress if you are spending over 30 percent of your pre-tax income to meet your mortgage repayments. DFA explains that a household is said to be under mortgage stress when the net income does not cover ongoing costs, and the family must cut down on household spending to meet their monthly mortgage repayments. … Read More>>


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