The end of your home loan fixed term is the perfect opportunity to revisit your home loan and check whether it is still the right one for your financial
condition and vision.
Chances are – since you fully or partially fixed your loan term 3 to 5 years… Read More>>


Eva and her husband, Lin, had their heart set on a property worth $500,000. Comparing home loans online, they found even if they borrowed the full amount for 25 years at a variable rate of 4% (At HashChing, you could find even lower interest rates!), they could easily service… Read More>>


As Australia climbs up on the life expectancy index, most of us can expect to live much longer, which is great if we can save up that bit extra from now on to fund the extended retirement years. However, an average Australian is struggling with so many costs – mortgage debt, car loan… Read More>>


Buying a home is very exciting and one of the major financial decisions in your life. But very often home buyers fall for common traps and end up paying much more than what they bargained for. Educating yourself about the property market is very important before diving into it … Read More>>


Choosing the right home loan can be difficult, especially with interest rates at an all time low – it is a tough choice between fixing your loan or not.

But there’s a way out – splitting your loan between fixed and variable rates can let you have the cake and eat it too. Don’t believe us? It is possible to have the best of both the worlds… Read More>>


Has buying your own home been on the top of your wishlist since long? With interest rates at an all time low (and further cuts expected), time is ripe to dive into the property market. But interest rates are not what’s deterring first home buyers from entering the market.… Read More>>


According to a news report, Australian households owe debts equal to 125% of GDP, as combined investor and owner-occupier outstanding loan value sums to a mighty $1.6 trillion (rising from $1.2 trillion over the past 5 years).

As per another report published in December 2015 by NATSEM, the ratio of … Read More>>


Interest on debt grows without rain, goes a Yiddish proverb.

But with careful planning, you could reduce the amount of debt you pay on your home loan and also reduce years from the life of your loan. There is a short cut… Read More>>


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