In the lead up to April HashChing is releasing a number of exciting features, so rather than rushing everything out we thought it’s
important to start with the basics – an infographic depicting the growth of HashChing since it was founded in 2015 until now.… Read More>>

how to find the best home loan deals - infographic

Find out more about choosing the right home loan deal for you. Do your homework before you sign up to make sure you are getting the best deal on the market. First home buyer or looking to refinance? Avoid the pitfalls of a property investment and talk to a mortgage broker.… Read More>>

prospective tenant red flags

By keeping an eye out for the following major red flags, you can protect yourself from nightmare tenants and set yourself up for real estate success! If your potential tenant shows more than one of these signs, beware…… Read More>>

five warning signs to watch for when renovating

Here is how to check if a home’s condition is terminal. For those with enough equity built up in their existing home loan, paying for renovations can be as simple as refinancing their existing home loan.… Read More>>

why to engage a mortgage broker

An experienced mortgage broker can save you time and money, and simplify the loan application process.
Where a bank is limited to offering only their own products, a mortgage broker is able to shop around for you, having access to a huge selection of banks and lenders.… Read More>>

signs you are working with a good mortgage broker

The home buying process can be a time-consuming process. For home loan borrowers browsing and comparing the numerous loan options on offer can be confusing. A mortgage broker can be a powerful adviser that is likely to have a major influence on your financial life. A good mortgage broker understands the range of products available… Read More>>

ways to save money on your rental property

As a landlord one of the biggest fears you have is an unrented property, and run the risk of not making mortgage payments. Increasing savings is more than a simple wish for property investors, it is an ongoing goal. Fortunately, there are ways and means to do so…     Here is how to save… Read More>>

things buyers should look for when inspecting a property

Heading along to a home inspection requires at least some degree of preparation. It can be intimidating for anyone, no matter how experienced you are. If you arrange for an inspection by a professional before the sale goes through, the problem is still the seller’s, because you can usually withdraw your offer before the settlement… Read More>>


HashChing is helping Australians by providing access to pre-negotiated home loan deals. Obligation free consultation with one of our partner brokers might save you time, hassle and money.

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