low rate conveyancing

Conveyancing. Conveyancer. Words that all first home buyers would have come by. After all, it is a legal requirement prior to settling on your home. But… how many people truly understand the role of a conveyancer, and their value when it comes to getting you into your new home? According to the Australian Institute of… Read More>>

what lenders look for in your bank statement

What lenders look for in your bank statement The law demands lenders to lend money responsibly. Thus, a lender must not give you money if they think you cannot service the debt or find you financially irresponsible. But how do lenders ascertain that? Mortgage lenders take time to carefully review your finances before approving you… Read More>>

can shopping for a home loan affect my mortgage application

Home buyers are often advised to get quotes from multiple lenders before choosing a home loan that is right for them. Indeed, shopping around for a home loan is the easiest way to find a bargain. However, did you know that applying to several lenders at once can bring down your credit score, and can… Read More>>

Cooling off period definition

Buying a property is not just a major financial decision, but one with several emotional implications as well. Unsurprisingly so, with most Australians banking on property as a major source of wealth creation as well as to fund their retirement, apart from living in it daily! … Read More>>

How important is pre-settlement inspection

Only few days away from realizing your property dream? Congratulations!

But, have you planned your pre-settlement inspection yet?

As per law, home buyers are entitled to one pre-settlement inspection before making the final settlement for their purchase.… Read More>>

Top questions you should ask your broker while considering home loan

As conventional banking comes of age, more and more home buyers are choosing to deal with mortgage brokers, largely attributable to better interest rates and choice that brokers are able to afford to borrowers. Truly, buying your dream home is not an easy task, unless you are well informed and guided by experts. And while… Read More>>

Do I Need a Home Loan Pre Approval

On a lookout for your dream home? Of course, dreams don’t come cheap; but it is possible to secure finance for your property, making it much more achievable than it may seem. When you decide to buy a property, getting it financed is a major worry. Many a buyers are left stranded when they cannot… Read More>>


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