low rate conveyancing

According to the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, “Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of property from one person to another.” In simple terms a conveyancer is a lawyer who strictly and only specialises in property law. This will be important later so make a note of it if required.… Read More>>

what lenders look for in your bank statement

Mortgage lenders take time to carefully review your finances before approving you for a home loan. The aim is to make sure that you have enough money to service your monthly repayments without sinking under mortgage stress. A part of how lenders assess your financial situation is by reviewing your bank statement of at least the past couple of months.… Read More>>

can shopping for a home loan affect my mortgage application

Home buyers are often advised to get quotes from multiple lenders before choosing a home loan that is right for them. Indeed, shopping around for a home loan is the easiest way to find a bargain. However, did you know that applying to several lenders at once can bring down your credit score, and can… Read More>>

Cooling off period definition

Buying a property is not just a major financial decision, but one with several emotional implications as well. Unsurprisingly so, with most Australians banking on property as a major source of wealth creation as well as to fund their retirement, apart from living in it daily! … Read More>>

How important is pre-settlement inspection

Only few days away from realizing your property dream? Congratulations! But, have you planned your pre-settlement inspection yet? As per law, home buyers are entitled to one pre-settlement inspection before making the final settlement for their purchase.… Read More>>

Top questions you should ask your broker while considering home loan

Unlike a bank, mortgage brokers can offer you variety of products at rates much lower than lender advertised rates. Always choose a licensed mortgage broker and ask these questions to get the max out of your home loan.… Read More>>

Do I Need a Home Loan Pre Approval

Having your home loan pre-approved has many advantages and can give you an accurate view of what you can borrow. It also helps you prepare for the final approval when you zero-in on a property.… Read More>>

Non resident loans simplified

Banks in Australia offer non-resident loans at competitive rates aimed at migrants, temporary residents and foreign investors. While the application process differs from a usual home loan and may seem confusing, HashChing gives you a run down of the complex rules in simple terms.… Read More>>


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