The 5 most common mistakes to avoid when it comes to property investment

Many property investors start out, hoping to win big with real estate, but very few will ever get past their first investment. Lack of research, no plan B if they fail, buying the wrong property… Here is a short list of pitfalls to avoid when it comes to property investment:     Not enough research… Read More>>

How to compete against all-cash property buyers

Ever had a cash buyer swooping away with a property you really liked while you jumped through the hoops, getting your mortgage in place?     Well, truth be told, property buyers making a cash offer on a house are often favoured by sellers. However, that does not mean solid buyers like you don’t stand… Read More>>

How to build a large property portfolio

Building an expansive property portfolio is a dream few investors achieve. However, owning multiple investment properties could be the key to achieving financial freedom, if you choose your investments wisely.     According to data released by CoreLogic in June 2016, there were 2.03 million individual investors in the country, implying most property investors owned… Read More>>

Here’s what every property investor must know about tax deductions

Investing in property remains a popular tool for wealth creation in Australia. However, many people don’t venture into property investing due to lack of financial knowledge. For example, a new survey pointed out that less than half of those surveyed were aware of the tax deductions they could claim on an investment property. Overall, the… Read More>>

costs associated with getting a loan

You have found the perfect property and your home loan is in place. It is now time to sit back and relax…well, not entirely, unless you have enough money holed up to cover the accessory costs associated with your home loan.     As a rule of thumb, you need at least 5 percent of… Read More>>

What to look for when you are inspecting a property?

An average person takes around 25 years or so to actually ‘own’ a home! Thus, it is important to find a house that fits your requirements, because, you are probably going to stay in it for many years to come.     Experts say that it is easy to make small structural changes to a… Read More>>

How to negotiate better at a property auction

In the world of real estate, the art of negotiation is a key skill that can help you score a lower rate as well as better terms on your property purchase. Fortunately, even if smooth talking is not your strong point, like most other skills, you can learn to negotiate a good deal by following… Read More>>

The most common auction strategies

Bidding at auction can be quite an experience. Many property investors feel stressed or intimidated. Before they arrive at auction, some of them are prepared: they can have a home loan pre-approval (this puts them in a better position to bid, as they already know their limit). Some others might have already visited auctions, just… Read More>>

LinkedInFacebook" alt="6 ways to lose money on property investing

Property investment is generally about long-term wealth creation. Your goal as an investor is to make money, but sometimes even experienced investors wind up losing on their properties. So many things can go wrong in property investment. It can keep you awake at night: what if I bought the wrong property? How can I be sure about my tenant? What if my property does… Read More>>

Mortgage Property investors

Building a property portfolio is a dream harboured by many. But how do you go about financing it? Save, slog and budget – that’s the natural advice anyone would give you. But what if we told you that the most successful property portfolios are built on others’ money! Well, we are not talking about parental… Read More>>


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